Is This the Best VPN Deal This Black Friday?

2018 is officially entering the shopping season and Ivacy, the Singapore based cybersecurity company is fully embracing it by offering an 87% Black Friday discount on its services.

While there are plenty of discounts and clearance sale to be witnessed in the twilight of 2018, investing in a VPN could turn out to be a smart choice for a number of reasons, claims the VPN company.

Ivacy explains how you can connect to a different region by using its VPN service and avail discounts offered in different countries, keeping your online presence safe and secure all the same.

Also considering how active cyber criminals get during the online shopping season, it only makes complete sense to buy a secure VPN connection first and then go about on your shopping spree.

“We understand how online shoppers can be in danger and anticipated the threat they can attract from hackers, that is why we encourage netizens to exercise total security by protecting yourself behind a VPN so you don’t end up giving away your sensitive information in the wrong hands while wanting to have a pleasant online shopping experience.” – Alan Martin

Internet indeed is not a safe place and being a victim of an online fraud or scam can be traumatizing. Digital security companies around the world speak volume about the impending danger of cybercrimes and laws are being implemented to monitor cybercrimes closely.

It is great to see that companies like Ivacy are playing a major role in fighting online crime, shielding its user’s digital footprints, and giving back internet freedom to the people.

So, on the account of Black Friday, it is recommended to make smart choices and invest a small chunk of your shopping budget on your online security so you are not sorry later.

Also, take full advantage of switching servers and availing discounts anywhere on the web around the world.

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