IPUX The Co-Creation Of Their Blockchain and Organic Farming ICO Program for the Better Tomorrow!!

“Transforming tomorrow, today!”

Dec 3, 2018 – PUX is now launching an ICO, giving early investors an opportunity to co-create a better future through sustainable technologies. This funding round will last from January 1, 2019, to June 30, 2019.

With IPUX, co-create the future and profit from sustainability. As part of the ICO, IPUX is offering you the opportunity to become a co-creator and member of the IPUX global community and eco-system, comprising seven core business units. Through the ICO, investors may purchase tokens, where the value will rise, according to the increasing valuation of the ecosystem.

IPUX solves current problems with fair trade, supply chain development, financial support for transitional farming, regional adaption, and digital technologies via seven core business units. These include tradewethai, smart farming, micro-finance, wisdom academy, product sourcing, wellness real estate, and eco-tourism. The solutions in these core business units, each their own project deliverable, are backed by Blockchain technologies and help increase productivity, reduce environmental impact, improve cross-border market access, generate higher profits for farmers and producers, and support healthier, wealthier communities around the world.

The IPUX timeline began in the third quarter of 2018, and the final components, to address smart farming and micro-financing, are expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2012.

For more information, visit IPUX online at IPUX.io. Do not miss out on your chance to be an early investor in these revolutionary, Blockchain backed technologies that will improve sustainability and prevent environmental degradation.

About IPUX:

IPUX’s vision is to co-create the future, leaving the global environment in a better state than it’s been found in, to ensure a growing population lives long, healthy, and prosperous lives. IPUX is at the forefront of sustainable technology. It is designed to address growing problems across businesses that pertain to fair trade, supply chain development, regional adaptation, and farming practices.

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