Siteabook to Bring More Value to the Use of Smartphones with new Apps that Encourage Reading

Isn’t the world glued to their phones 24*7? People all around doing this, that or something else on their gadgets…

Call it good or bad, but it cannot be denied that life without a smartphone is next to impossible on this planet. From exchanging good morning greetings, booking a cab to watching movies, humans eat-work-sleep on phones.

Phones have made lives good by making everything available with a click. List of things that cannot be done on the gadgets is squeezing day-by-day. A few years back, reading books was also an offline thing only, but with apps and websites like Goodreads, Open Library, Library things and a bag full more books, stories and articles are no more about surfing the shelves of the nearest physical library to lookout for the next reading option. With high-internet speed and streaming options have made visual media replace the printed word.

Adding a tinge of a little more awesomeness Manikandan Krishnan came up with Siteabook two years back.

An avid reader himself Krishnan says, “A reader travels with every book he/she reads, with every flip of the page a reader slips deep down in the world filled with mysteries, love, thrill, adventure and loads more.”

“I grew up with trips to the library every weekend and hours of reading mystical books after school. I want the tech-heads of today to have it too, but not just on weekends,” he continues.

With a limitless database from Amazon, Google Books and Bowker Siteabook will give its users a plethora of books to add to their room’s shelves. Unlike other apps in the genre, app users can not only write and ask for reviews but also follow master reviewers, add the books that intrigue them to their personalised shelf and also buy them a price that won’t hurt the pocket.

How about creating a community of readers with a similar eye for books and people who can give a pile of recommendations about what one should read next? Sounds Good, download the Siteabook app from the Android or iOS app store and enjoy this feature.

Regional books, are they even available today? Yes, Siteabook app interface is available in 8 different languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu. Also, the app has several more languages that will be added with time. Users can not only read reviews about these books but also give one in the languages mentioned above, also Siteabook has a feature where people can invite their friends to enjoy this magical land of books.

“It’s the only app which changes the entire environment/interface to any of the language selected,” remarks Krishnan.

Is this book good enough? Or which thriller book should be read next? Get all such questions answered on the go with Siteabook. Just type a name in the search bar of the app and read it’s review anywhere-anytime. Loved it? It also has an option for the app users to buy the books they love.

P.S.: The app is free for everyone to use.

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