Introducing Wojciech Zylm, a 15-Year-old who Founded an Editorial Office with a Million Reach

This is the 21st century, where most teenagers are making a name for themselves in gaming, meme creation and all trivialities typical of their age. However, four years ago, in Warsaw, Poland, a 15-year-old whiz kid and a representative of Generation Z started a News enterprise that would take the editorial niche by storm. His name is Wojciech Zylm.

Wojciech is the founder of WiadomoĊ›ciBliskoCiebie24, better known as WBC24, a reliable news portal present on Twitter and Facebook that delivers the latest, round-the-clock breaking news in politics, travel, technology and other sectors.

Wojciech revealed his interest in news and media was spiked by the ‘annoying’ clickbait pandemic that currently bedevils the online news media. This spurred him to do something different. ”As a 15-year-old, I didn’t have much experience, but I had one goal – to build a portal that doesn’t have click baits – and the news is reported instantly. Did I succeed? I believe yes. The WBC24 portal is one of the largest news profiles on Polish Twitter, and people trust us.”

The rise to the top was not an easy one for Wojciech. Understandably, lack of experience was his biggest problem at the beginning of his stint in media. In 2018, Wojciech published information once in a while. But, the Covid pandemic of 2019 proved to be a catalyst that would change the landscape of his news and media career.

”I was one of the first profiles to report on the COVID-19 pandemic on a massive scale. Then, as a 16-year-old, I had increments of Twitter followers of 20-30 thousand per day. At that age, such numbers with a person can do different things, but I kept my cool and did what I wanted. Zero clickbait, minute-by-minute news.”

Even with the big numbers, Wojciech, 16 at the time, showed profound maturity and insight to keep a low profile and learn slowly. It’s a move that belied his tender age and one he’s incredibly proud of. ”Only when the profile already had hundreds of thousands of reach did I conclude, “Hey, Wojciech, if people, want to read what you write, why not do it professionally?” And that’s why I’m here and now.”

Today, Wojciech’s WBC24 has grown into a household name in the Polish news media space. His prolific coverage of the Covid pandemic and the 2020 US presidential election has propelled him to new heights. WBC24 is currently the 2nd largest news profile on Polish Twitter in terms of reach, beating even editorial boards with million-dollar budgets. It’s a growth that fills Wojciech with great delight.

Wojciech is not resting on his laurels yet. He has many projects in the works, which he prefers to keep a lid on at the moment. ”Since 2018, I have been running the profiles of “WiadomosciBliskoCiebie24″ charitably. No one pays me for it, I do it out of passion, but I hope that one day this will change because I am no longer a teenager who can sit in the media all the time”, he said.

Due to the nature of his work, Wojciech is almost always busy. I’m at work all the time. Here I don’t have fixed hours; 5 people on the shift, and it’s just me. There are days we call “slow news day,” when nothing happens, and I only check the news once in a while, but there are also days when several things happen simultaneously. This is hard, and then “multitasking” is needed.

However, as they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Wojciech promptly takes advantage of the slow news days to enjoy some other activities. Whenever he’s not updating his readers on the latest news and analysis, Wojciech spends his free time playing tennis, learning Arabic and recreationally flying a drone.

Wojciech recently revealed the most valuable lesson he has learned in editorials is for one to do what they love. ”But mostly when it comes to “news”, the most valuable lesson is – when you start to distinguish between Fake news and real news. It was hard at first because how is a 15-year-old supposed to understand it? But now, after years of work – I know, and I’m proud of the fact that I managed”, he declared.

WBC24 is a news portal designed to create a seamless, fluid browsing experience for its esteemed visitors. The portal is dynamic and accessible to all users, with well-planned information architecture, a visually stimulating interface, and relevant, engaging content born out of trending topics and outstanding research. The portal has all the features of a modern-day news website with a colourful user interface, a responsive layout, prominent contact details to get in touch with the company, top-notch cyber security, and daily uploads of fresh content from Wojciech and his team.

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