Introducing STAR System: Predictive analytics platform by GTR

Introducing STAR System: Predictive analytics platform by GTR

London, UK – In the last few years, big data has become one of the most innovative technologies introduced. It has been used in various industries and applications. One of the most popular utilization of big data is predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is a process of extracting information from huge data sets to recognize patterns, discover any relationships, find associations, forecast trends, among others. This allows anyone to anticipate any future movements of various markets to make an informed decision.

Globalytics Tech Research understands the importance of using predictive analytics and created proprietary software for Tracking, Analysis, and Risk Assessment called the STAR System. This system is built on various technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and business intelligence (BI). By using this system, anyone can predict future outcomes of financial markets such as stocks, commodities, forex, and digital assets, with a near-perfect accuracy rate. 

The STAR System works in 7 steps. First, it defines the project by picking out potential investment vehicles suited for the user. Then, it collects substantial amounts of data about the asset the system has selected. The system will then dissect and analyze the data collected using logical reasoning, examining every component of the data. Next, statistical analysis will be performed on the behavior, conditions, and performance of the investment vehicle, determining any underlying causes, patterns, relationships, and trends. After that, it creates predictive models to the conditions of the selected assets and then implements the models. Lastly, it will monitor the models regularly, ensuring that the performance stays within the set parameters for desired outcomes.

With the use of the STAR System, users can predict future performance and movement of various financial assets, raising their chances of higher returns. Overall, predictive analytics is an up-and-coming trend in big data, which can help predict different events in the future. Through this big data application, organizations and even individuals can leverage big data and define any steps they need to take in the future.

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