Introducing FlyBands, join the Glow-Motion Revolution

Fashion meets high-end technology as Costume Lighting premiers Colorfly, at the heart of its latest innovation, FlyBands. You’re in charge of your lighting expression because your movement is what changes your color. Perfect for yoga, dance, concerts, parties, and much more

Costume Lighting is thrilled to announce the launch of Colorfly, a groundbreaking lighting technology that will revolutionize the way people engage in dynamic physical activities.

Designed for children and adults alike, FlyBands are a wearable lighting technology that brings a whole new level of excitement to expressive activities such as dance, yoga, training, exercising, and Hip-Hop. The wristbands synchronize color with the wearer’s movements, using the force of gravity.

FlyBands take wristbands to a different level using 3D motion activation to transform a user’s experience at festivals, concerts, parties, sports events, and night gatherings. With their vibrant LED lights, these wristbands will be the perfect accessories for people who love to be in the spotlight wherever they go. The undulating and fluid colors create a captivating ambiance leaving everyone fascinated and curious.

What sets FlyBands apart is its cutting-edge technology and versatility. Equipped with advanced motion sensors, these bands react to every gesture a wearer makes, illuminating in sync with body movements. FlyBands can be used in large groups by using call-and-response gestures. DJs and group leaders can inspire whole audiences to change color in sync with each other. Whether one is stretching in their yoga classes, dancing to their favorite tune, or enjoying a night out, FlyBands add an extra element of visual delight.

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Not only are FlyBands visually stunning, but they were also designed with comfort in mind. The wristbands are crafted with premium, lightweight materials which make them soft and flexible, ensuring a snug fit on the wrist. The adjustable straps guarantee a secure and comfortable wearing experience.

Runtime on the wristbands is a solid 20 hours after a full charge. The wristbands are also waterproof and tested to be durable and rugged for everyday usage.

FlyBands are now available for purchase on Amazon as a pair. Visit

About Costume Lighting

Costume Lighting is a pioneering company dedicated to unleashing the potential of illuminated colored light as a dynamic form of human expression. By leveraging advanced software, sensors, algorithms, and user inputs, they bring forth a mesmerizing fusion of technology and artistry.

With an emphasis on innovation, Costume Lighting utilizes a range of sensors including accelerometers, gyro sensors, and light color spectrum sensors. These sensors enable their products to accurately track gravitational forces, and measure rotation. By employing unique calibration algorithms, they have elevated the accuracy of low-cost accelerometers, making a wider range of products cost effective.

Driven by a passion for user empowerment, Costume Lighting integrates intuitive user inputs to effortlessly manipulate and customize their light colors in novel and imaginative ways. Through their groundbreaking technologies, Costume Lighting is revolutionizing the intersection of art, fashion, and technology, inviting individuals to embark on a captivating journey of self-expression to create unforgettable experiences with the power of light.

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