Indy Lindsey New Book “Quest For The W” to be Launched on 21st August Same day Solar Eclipse will be Experienced

On 21st August, this side of the world will experience the Solar Eclipse at the same time Indy Lindsey will be launching her book titled “Quest For The W: When Winning Is Everything.”  “Just like a solar eclipse which brings a short period of darkness and then light, so are our lives,” said Indy Lindsey while adding that people who are on a quest to win will find the book very useful.  Indy tells it all in her inspirational story. The book is based on real life scenarios which propel individuals to take stock of their lives when it comes to the choices they have made. Indy tells a story of a lost girl, how she had some troubled beginnings but later managed to overcome the situation and move on to make her life bright.

The book is a motivational piece that helps in self discovery, personal growth and development. It discusses an array of issues such as how to break the shackles that hold an individual in life, lessons on being assertive, gaining and protecting inner peace, identifying relationships that do not add value in life among other inspirational themes.

According to Indy Lindsey, the book is a personal guide that will teach individuals how to take hold of present situations and reap the reward of ingenuity. She adds that it offers beneficial jewels that removes confusion and makes the future brighter. It teaches the reader to be optimistic, never allowing failure to be an option.

Indy gives tips on winning strategies, lesson drawn from her own personal life. She encourages her readers to remain optimistic especially when life seems uncaring.

The author promises more of this, “This is not the last you will hear about me. I’m just getting started!” said Indy Lindsey.

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