Ben Moskel to Host Educational Marketing Event for Real Estate Professionals

“Benjamin Moskel”
Ben Moskel, President of Apex Next, will host an educational marketing event for real estate professionals.

During this informal seminar Ben Moskel will outline new online marketing channels that real estate professionals can use to grow their business and client base.

“The Internet is typically the first place that somebody goes to when they are looking to solve a problem related to real estate. They may have a property they need to sell quickly, or they may want to read online reviews of local real estate agents. There are many ways that professionals and service providers can use those channels to reach those people quickly and efficiently,” explains Ben.

Ben Moskel will demonstrate the various marketing platforms available and provide tutorials on how to use them effectively. Three main marketing channels will be covered at the event: (1) Search Engine Marketing for Real Estate Professionals; (2) Contextual Display Targeting for Real Estate Professionals; and (3) Gmail and Remarketing for Real Estate Professionals.

Search engine marketing remains one of the most powerful and efficient ways to locate potential clients. However, if done improperly, can lead to wasted ad spend and frustration.

“Search engine marketing can be tricky. There are dozens of ways that you can get tripped up and spend a lot of money without getting anything in return. The interface that you use to run a search engine campaign is complicated. For people who have never used Google or Yahoo’s platform, it probably feels like sitting down in the cockpit of a jet airliner when you’ve never flown before,” explains Ben.

Ben Moskel will also cover display marketing. Display marketing is placing advertisements within the context of web content that is related to your products or services.

“For example, if you are a real estate agent looking to build your client base you may want to place an ad for your services within the context of an article about selling your home for top dollar. Display marketing is a terrific way to get new customers. There is a lot of available inventory so you can often get new customers for a fraction of the cost compared to search,” explains Ben.

Ben Moskel is most excited about some new marketing channels available to real estate professionals and companies. Gmail marketing and behavioral targeting are new platforms that many people are completely unaware of.

Gmail marketing allows you to target potential customers based upon the content of their emails. “Some people think it is controversial and take issue with it on the basis of privacy, but that doesn’t diminish its effectiveness.”

Ben says it works as follows: “Let’s say that you are an agent and you’re looking for new homebuyer clients. You can show ads at the top of someone’s gmail email inbox. But not just anyone, you can choose your audience based upon the content of their emails. For instance, you can choose to show ads to someone who lives or works in Pittsford who also is subscribed to Zillow’s email newsletters.”

The exciting thing about Gmail marketing is that almost nobody is doing it. “From a return on ad spend standpoint, you can get an incredible return,” explains Ben.

Ben Moskel will be covering both fundamental and advanced strategies relating to these marketing channels at the upcoming event.

This event is free to attend. It will be held at The Powder Mills Office Park in Pittsford, located approximately two miles north of the Eastview Mall. Guests are encouraged to bring a spouse or business partner. To reserve your spot and get full details, simply send an email to:

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