Indian Visa for Zimbabwe Citizens, Uruguay Citizens and Transit Visa for India

Indian Visa for Zimbabwe Citizens

India is a country with a rich ancient history and deep cultural roots. Visiting India is unlike any other place you can visit in the world. Most travellers who have visited India have revered Indian customs and traditions. The land and diverse geographic locations of India have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations.

What is an Indian e-Visa ?

The Indian Visa is an electronic authorization to travel to India for business, tourism or medical visits to India. When applying for an e-visa, you do not need to present your passport or other personal documents at the consulate. Everythingis done online.


  • The Indian Tourist eVisa if you want to visit the country for tourism. You can select a 30 days after arrival valid eVisa, 1 year after issued valid eVisa, or a 5 years after issued valid eVisa if you’re planning to visit India multiple times.
  • The Indian Business eVisa if you’re visiting India for business.
  • The Indian Medical eVisa if you’re visiting this country to get medical treatment.


More than 160 countries can apply for the Indian e-Visa and that is why this nation has become more and more famous over the years. The Indian e-Visa is an official permit that allows you to enter this country for a short-term visit (30 days after arrival).


  • Your current passport with a valid due date. It shouldn’t expire while you are in India.
  • Your current email address to obtain the eVisa and all the important details that you’ll have to consider to enter the country.
  • A payment method for payments related to the document. You can choose as your method a Paypal or a debit/credit card 
  • A visible copy of your passport’s information page.
  • Lastly, one passport-size picture.

Indian Visa for Uruguay Citizens

Indian Visa for Uruguay Citizens/Passport Holders has been available as an online application form from the Government of India since 2014. This visa for India allows travellers from Uruguay and other countries to visit India for short stays. These short stays vary from 30, 90 and 180 days per visit depending on the purpose of the visit.

Types of e-Visa are issued for Uruguay Citizen

  • India Tourist Visa
  • India Business Visa
  • India Medical Visa
  • India Conference Visa
  • India Medical Attendant Visa

Required documents for e-Visa

  1. Hold a valid passport or travel document in good condition with 2 blank pages for your visa and valid for a minimum of 180 days at the time of your visa application.
  2. Hold a valid visa to travel to or transit India (if one is required). If you’ve been issued an eVisa it’s a good idea to print out a copy to bring with you when you travel
  3. Make sure your visa is in the passport you use to travel to India – if you want to use a different passport, you’ll need to make sure you apply to transfer your visa to the right passport before you travel
  4. We may ask you to show us your visa or travel ticket out of India to a country you can enter at the end of your stay.
  5. If we ask, show us you have enough money to support yourself while you’re in India.

Transit Visa for India

 Transit Visa for India is issued for the sole purpose of allowing visa holders to travel through India to reach their final destination. A change of purpose is not permitted. Those who have a connecting flight from India to another destination within 72 hours of landing in India can apply for a transit visa.

Duration and Validity

The visa is normally valid for single/double entry and for entry within 15 days from the date of issue. The transit visa is only valid for direct transit for a maximum period of 3 days. For a stay in beyond 3 days, an appropriate visa must be obtained.

Documents Required

Step 1 Valid Passport:

You must send the actual passport. The passport must have at least six (6) months of validity remaining before expiration and has at least one completely blank visa page for the visa stamp.

Step 2 Visa Application Form:

After you fill out the form online, your application form will appear completed on your screen (PDF file), and please print it out!

Step 3 Photograph:

You must provide one 2″x2″ passport type photo. Homemade Digital Photographs are not acceptable.

Step 4 Proof of Address:

Applicants must submit one clear copy of their utility bill or driver’s license. For Minor, a copy of the parent’s driver’s license is acceptable.

Step 5 Authorization Letter:

Download, completely fill-out and sign the Indian visa processing authorization letter. One letter per applicant.

Step 6 Air Ticket:

You must send a copy of your airline ticket for the onward journey and a valid visa for the final destination.

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