Indian Visa for Oman Citizens, Japan Citizens and Indian Visa for Transit


Indian Visa for Transit

A transit visa is issued for the sole purpose of allowing the visa holder to travel through India to reach their final destination. A change of purpose is not permitted. Those who have a connecting flight from India to another destination within 72 hours of landing in India can apply for a transit visa.

India transit visa eligibility

You should apply for an India transit visa if you need to leave the restricted area at the airport, even for a short time. Those staying in India less than 72 hours and awaiting a connecting flight to another country, whether they have changed airport or not, are eligible for an India Transit Visa. A transit visa for India is required and will be checked if you are going to transfer from an international airport to a domestic airport tor even stay at the airport hotel for about hours.

India transit visa requirements

  • Application form
  • Last page of the passport

The passport validity should be six months further than the validity of the Indian tourist visa, should at least have two blank pages for the visa stamp, and should not be torn or separated.

  • Photo of the applicant

You should upload your photo in the application form. The image should meet the following criteria:

  • The format should be JPEG
  • It would be best if you had taken it free months before the application process.
  • You should stand in front of a blank background.
  • You should not wear glasses or headwear unless for religious purposes
  • The size should be at least 10 KB and at most 300 KB
  • The height and width should be the same
  • Application photo
  • It should indicate the entire face, from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin
  • Eyes open, with the absence of shadows or anything covering it
  • It should be frameless

India transit visa validity

The India transit visa is only valid for three days. If you intend to stay more, you have to apply for an appropriate visa.

The visa will be valid within 15 days of issuing with single or double entry. Note that the duration begins from the days of issuing, not the day of arrival.

India transit visa exception

Japanese residents can apply for a visa-on-arrival instead. It counts as an actual visa, although you can apply for it on the day of arrival. Original visas shall be granted before the entrance.

India transit visa extension

There is no way your visa will be extended. You should leave India and apply again for another visa if you wish to stay more.

Indian Visa for Oman Citizens

Oman Visa for Indian Citizens can be issued by the Embassy or can be applied for through an online portal. Indian citizens are eligible to apply for an Oman e-Visa. For an online visa, you need to visit and use the Visa portal to get Oman Visa for Indian Citizens.

Types of Indian Visa for Oman Citizens

  • eTourist visa
  • eBusiness visa
  • eMedical visa


1. Applicants have to fill out the Oman visa application form online after selecting the wanted Oman visa types. 

2. All the columns must be filled correctly; no column must be left blank.

3. The applicant has to ensure that all the information provided is correct; not a single mistake is permissible during submitting the online visa application form; otherwise, the state will get rejected.

4. The minimum age to apply for an Oman visa is 21 for men. Whereas the minimum age for women to apply for an Oman visa is 25, if the women want to visit Oman, she must be 25 or above. 

5. After Oman visa online form application is filed, the applicant has to pay the visa fees through credit card or debit card, internet banking, UPI, or NEFT.

Indian Visa for Japan Citizens

Japanese Citizens require an Indian Visa for Japanese Citizens to enter India. The applicant must have a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the intended date of arrival in India for the eVisa application to be approved. In order for border guards to stamp the applicant’s immigration status upon entry and exit, the applicant’s passport must have at least two blank pages.

Indian visa requirements for citizens of Japan

Prior to applying for Indian Visa for Japanese Citizens, applicants should determine what is required to avoid wasting application fees and losing eligibility. The applicant will receive the Electronic Indian Visa for Japanese Citizens by email once it has been electronically processed and approved. The biometric data is only recorded at the airport, once the traveller has landed in India.

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