Indian IT Expert Set To Solve The Mystery Of Dark Matter And Size Of The Universe

Experienced IT professional, Sanjeev Kumar, disrupts the tech world as he unravels the dark matter mystery that has bewildered the world for years

Sanjeev Kumar has stayed true to his goal of helping as many individuals and businesses leverage tech solutions to enhance their operations and make living a lot easier with the introduction of the Web Accessibility Tool. He recently took a seemingly unprecedented step to delve into the world of matter. The Indian IT expert was reportedly inspired by his desire to solve a dark matter that has remained a mystery to the world for centuries and decided to conduct a study into the issue.

The world in itself is a mystery to its billions of inhabitants. Over the years, scientists and researchers alike have come up with postulations deducted from their studies on different aspects of the universe. However, there is really no limit to exploring the universe, which is where Sanjeev Kumar is looking to shed more light with his recent revelations on the dark matter.

According to Sanjeev Kumar, who is also the founder of the Web Accessibility Tool, “space is dark matter, without which we cannot travel. If space has high density then we’ll consume more time to travel. So, space has its own weight, density, etc.”

Sanjeev Kumar has a hobby for researching different big issues and his recent project substantiates this claim, as he looks to intimate teachers, students, and others who are curious about the mystery of matter. The Indian looks to put more light on the subject, particularly as people have held the notion that air is nothing for over 200 years.

Now particle cannot cross the box (universe) particle will start again from starting point A because end point B of the box is joint with starting point A of the box like circle has no end. So size of the universe is 0=1.

Sanjeev’s passion for impacting the lives of people and making a mark led to the invention of the web Accessibility tool, which has continued to enjoy rave reviews from businesses and internet users across the globe.

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