Big data-based brand audit solution for startups & SME, also available for agencies

Big data-based brand audit solution for startups & SME, also available for agencies

Brand Auditor is a revolutionary brand audit solution that enables startups and small-medium businesses to understand what their potential customers like and dislike about their brand and marketing communications.

Based on proprietary big data acquired from data brokers and market research companies, targeted surveys and the input of expert auditors, Brand Auditor provides reliable insights regarding the public perception of a brand, so the company can make informed decisions regarding their brand and marketing communications management.

Commonly used marketing metrics such as reach, clicks and conversions cannot answer these. If a campaign had one million views, 10,000 clicks and 100 conversions, then the best question to ask is: why the remaining 99% of viewers did not engage?

Brand audits from Brand Auditor can answer fundamental marketing questions, like why people refuse to engage or connect with a brand?

The importance of purposeful brand management and collecting feedback in 2021

In today’s saturated online environment, getting noticed and building meaningful connections with potential customers is increasingly difficult. Having a brand that the target audience can relate to, that they can like and trust has key importance for startups and small-medium businesses where marketing resources are limited.

Aside from increased market saturation and online noise, risk management is also an important aspect of brand management. Taking hyper-sensitivity into consideration when it comes to topics regarding genders, rights and racial matters, companies need to be increasingly careful about their marketing communication practices.

Collecting and measuring feedback is possibly the most essential activity of marketing teams today. It is necessary to understand what customers like and dislike in order to optimize for increased popularity.

Brand Auditor brings industry-standard external brand auditing to startups and SME

The data collection, data processing and reporting framework used by Brand Auditor are inspired by commonly used external auditing procedures applied by global companies such as BMW, Gucci or Hilton. The founding team of Brand Auditor has extensive experience in working with global leading brands such as the previously mentioned.

Before Brand Auditor, audits based on similar frameworks were not available with startups, SME and other companies with limited resources. The only available solutions in the sub-$5,000 price range were social listening tools and basic audits conducted by freelance marketing professionals, consultants or small marketing agencies. Such low-priced brand audits are practically not more than elaborated essays reflecting the personal views and opinions of the auditor.

The system of Brand Auditor was designed to bring big-data and precisely targeted survey results together into industry-standard reports, that are based on up to hundreds of thousands of data points – giving the customer accurate and reliable insights about how people perceive the company.

Various audit types at fixed prices

Brand Auditor offers a variety of external audits, focusing on different aspects of marketing communications – so clients can choose the ones that are most relevant to their strategic plans. Audits are priced between $350 and $ $1,900, enabling any business to get feedback about their brand popularity.

Each audit analyzes various aspects of the particular topic. For example, a Website experience audit examines content, tone of voice, shopping experience and demonstration of unique direct and non-direct benefits offered by the brand.

The more specialized Personal brand audit is collecting and analyzing feedback regarding perceived personality and professional competences by different demographics, as well as the likelihood of the audience doing business with the person.

All audits are fixed priced and configurable according to the needs of the buyer – eliminating the lengthy proposal and negotiation process often associated with ordering services from freelance brand auditors.

An industry-standard solution for agencies and branding professionals

All audits from Brand Auditor are available for brand management professionals, consultants and marketing agencies. Offering an attractive referral scheme and white-label solution with uncapped margins, Brand Auditor makes it available for everyone to deliver professional brand audits to their clients. The low prices ensure that white-label resellers can realize a decent profit, making it attractive for them to use Brand Auditor not only for quality but also for commercial reasons.

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