In Loving Memory of Remi Gosal: Family Launches Blog in His Honour

Vancouver, British Columbia – August 9, 2021 – The family of Remi Gosal is pleased to announce an official blog site launched in his honour. As a means of remembering Remi, those closest to him have published articles covering a wide range of subject matter to share with readers. As someone who enjoyed art, philosophy, and the study of literature, Remi’s family hopes to highlight and celebrate his many talents and interests.

Some of the pieces in his honour explore topics such as “How Art Can Bring Individuals Together” and “Seven Trending Canadian Books of 2021.”  An excerpt from the blog titled, “The Importance of Finding Ways to Remember Those Who Have Passed Away,” states:

“Those who have passed away never truly leave. Individuals that have touched lives continue to pass through the memories of those who cared deeply for them. Remi Gosal, a young man filled with passion and curiosity from Vancouver, British Columbia, will forever be remembered by the many people he influenced.”

Remi’s family continues to remember his legacy while acknowledging his life and accomplishments. Remembering is never easy, but his loved ones continue to keep his memory alive by sharing his passions and interests with others.

For more information about Remi Gosal, please visit the blog launched in his memory here, as well as the official website.

About Remi Gosal

Remi Gosal was an inquisitive and free-thinking individual deeply inspired by historical teachings of drama, literature, art, and philosophy. With a passion for arts and culture, Remi spoke several languages and would often immerse himself in the multiculturalism of Vancouver. As a scholar, Remi had a passion for life and continues to inspire those who knew him.

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