ILEBIB announces product that helps banish back pain for life

Get back pain relief by following instructions in a series of training video prepared by back pain expert, Ian Hart

London, UK – ILEBIB is proud to announce a revolutionary product, “Back Pain Relief For Life” designed to provide a lasting and permanent solution to back pain. The product contains a series of video instructions created by Ian Hart, a back pain specialist who has been a victim of Back Pain since he was 15 years old. The Back Pain Relief For Life product promises to help patients get rid of their back pain in just 16 minutes. It contains passionately guarded secrets about the working of the body and how specific body movements is the key to permanent back pain cure.

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“Just like the author of the video, I have also spent years suffering from chronic back pain that has affected my life in no little way. I have spent money, consulted several surgeons and doctors, but could only get minor relieve. My life changed completely when I came across ‘Back Pain Relief For Life’ after following the methods and instructions provided in the product. I want to give other people the opportunity to benefit from the solution, so they too can be free from their back pains, like I am right now,” said Rufus Ajayi, CEO of ILEBIB.

Back Pain Relief For Life contains a series of core training videos, supplementary videos, and bonus tutorials. There is also the Nine targeted video sessions and the one-on-one coaching video. Every single one of these videos is packed full of ideas, instructions, lessons, lectures, training, and tips to help people find the root of their back pain and apply a lasting solution.

“I had constant back pain since my child was born; he’s fourteen now. My sciatica was an issue. My hip, shoulder and my neck as well. I saw a chiropractor for about four years twice a month, and I still had issues with flaring up. I was skeptical about using Back Pain Relief4Life program just because I didn’t want to injure myself anymore. After trying it, now it’s been great. I have had no muscle pain at all; I haven’t had to see my chiropractor once. I exercise, I’m able to be active at work, and I have no neck pain or shoulder pain anymore,” said Pamela D, a customer.

Doctors and surgeons will never tell their patients the exact solution to their back pain just to keep receiving their money. Also, all those Yoga, exercise, chiropractic sessions, Pilates, massage therapy, and ultrasound will only make matters worse. What is required to truly set someone free of back pains is determination, commitment, and adherence to simple movement instructions provided in the video. Back Pain Relief 4 Life help relieve pain, restore muscle balance and flexibility, and increase blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the spine. The product help the body unlearn the pain, restore order, and transform the entire body for good health and vitality.


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