Mother, Philanthropist and Prolific Blogger Bineta Ngom Just Released Her Book “Becoming an Angel of Change”

“Becoming an Angel of Change” is an inspiring book about the caring vision of a Senegalese immigrant that encompasses women and children in Senegal and the homeless at Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California – January 20, 2018 – Bineta Ngom is the founder of the Family Bridge Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the state of California. The philanthropist is thrilled to announce the release of her book titled “Becoming an Angel of Change.” The book brilliantly captures the philanthropic vision of a Senegalese immigrant mother to America with a calling to serve others. “Becoming an Angel of Change” will allow the readers to understand how she walked on her life’s path and the long journey as an immigrant to the United States.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Author House

Bineta’s proactive stance on making the lives of people around her better began to show up at the age of 8. She is 1 of 5 children to a widowed mother at the mere age of four; Bineta’s early childhood largely shaped her view on poverty and suffering.

“If we discover our purpose, we find our way and our strength; then we can end any discordance and disharmony in our lives, and live the most fulfilled live ever,” said Bineta Ngom, author of “Becoming an Angel of Change.” “My goals are to inspire parents to make a change from their home by helping their children achieve their dreams in school,” she added.

In 1994, Bineta came to America for a two-month visit; inspired by Oprah Winfrey, Bineta decided to stay in America to make a change. One of the awkward moments for Bineta was leaving behind almost everyone she called friends and family; including her nine-year-old son. The sense of solitude that comes with this could have been crippling, but Bineta could see through the haze and envisioned the change she could achieve with the resources that were available to her in America.

Bineta’s dream is to build shelters and women’s counseling centers throughout Senegal and to have a kitchen to serve food to the homeless in Los Angeles.

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About Bineta Ngom

Bineta Ngom is an immigrant mother of 4, born and raised in Senegal and live in Los Angeles with her children. Her philanthropic life started back in Senegal when she was eight years old. With her pursuit to make a bigger impact for youths, she created a talk show in her own language “Wolof” to raise awareness on education and health; she is also currently a student at Antioch University Connected, pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Leadership in Youth in Development.

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