September 7th, 2018 – Houston, TX – Pests can be just as their name implies — pesky and they come with the task of finding an animal repeller that does just what it promises to do. Hydobond begins sales of its Solar Animal Repeller, on Amazon to keep these troublesome outsiders out for good.

The Hydobond Solar Animal Repeller is an animal repellent device that keeps pests away from users’ yard, garden, porch, and just about anywhere on and around their property that needs to be pest free. It is a simple, effective and affordable method of repelling animals likes cats, skunks, squirrels, dogs, deers and other pests. The Hydobond Solar Animal Repeller goes for $26.99, along with free shipping, and is safe for children and pets. The manufacturers of the animal repeller are thoughtful, so asides being waterproof, the animal repellent device is accompanied by a USB charging cable — in case of a cloudy day.

A major benefit of the Hydobond Solar Animal Repeller is its powerful ultrasonic sound and bright LED lights used to repel small animals when motion is detected. The frequency range of the ultrasonic speaker is 13.5 kHz – 45.5 kHz, so only animals hear the full sound. The LED light is also very effective at night to “shoo” away these unwelcome visitors. These defense mechanisms are triggered by a PIR Motion Sensor. The Hydobond Solar Animal Repeller is very easy to install — a simple stick in the ground and exposure of its solar panels to sunlight. “The Hydobond Solar Animal Repeller arrived in excellent condition and is placed in my yard to keep unwanted pests away. It was super easy to set up. It has kept our yard pest free!” Yvonne R. Greve-canaleson, who recently got the animal repeller said.

“We know our product is the best quality and will last a lifetime, that is why our Hydobond Solar Animal Repeller is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee with a 1-year free replacement warranty. Our electric animal repellent is powered by solar energy from the sun and is extremely easy to install — no messy traps, chemicals, or dead animals for you to worry about. You also do not need to spend money on batteries as our device comes with a USB charging cable. With our solar powered ultrasonic animal repeller, you will have the technology to repel any small animal from your property with ease,” Joshua Frenchwood said in a statement released about the solar animal repeller.

To learn more about Hydobond, please visit the company’s website at www.hydobond.com. To place an order for the Hydobond Solar Animal Repeller, please visit the product’s Amazon page or contact Joshua Frenchwood by mail for further enquiries.

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