How to Choose the Right Data Recovery Company

Data recovery

While you were busy hoping that you won’t ever need it, some glitch happened, and now you are in hot waters because you lost your data!

Maybe you even had a proper backup (and you kept it up to date), but there are times where you just cannot avoid bad luck. To deal with such times and to keep yourself out of hot waters, you need a data recovery service.

Now, after accepting the fact of how important it is, one big question hits you: how to choose the right data recovery service? What things to consider before giving your valuable files (e.g. photos, documents, and videos) in the hands of a stranger third party?

Sure, to find a list of exceptional data recovery providers is not a great challenge – you just need a search engine and an internet connection – but choosing the right company while amid chaos is your real test!

How does data recovery software work?

You are living in a digital world that runs on tech. Today, we all rely heavily on our computer systems from simple to complex everyday activities. When you accidentally delete or lose a file, due to any untoward or an unknown incident whatsoever, it is not permanently removed from the storage. The deletion or loss just changes the file system, which makes it unable for your Windows operating system to locate the file.

A data recovery software is made to restore all such lost files. It actually works on a power-packed algorithm, scans through the entire storage media and collects all formatted or deleted files from Master Boot Record (MBR).

Tips to choose the right data recovery

  • Data recovery cannot be done in a trail of several attempts – When it comes to data recovery, only the first attempt has the most chance of success. Nobody is stopping you from sending your media files to as many data recovery companies as you like, but chances of success will decrease by every attempt until it is zero! So the first data recovery provider you choose should be the best one. Also, for the same reason, DO NOT open any damaged media if you want to avail the maximum chances of the recovery.
  • Select a known company that has a good profile – Think about how picky and serious you are about choosing other important services/products. Do you always look forward to opting for a well-known brand or do you simply go for the “first thing” you find? If you are at a stage of looking for a data recovery service, probably it’s your last and only bet to retrieve your data, so don’t take any risks and choose a well-known service provider.
  • Give weight to company’s experience – Storage technology rapidly improves and evolves over the time (e.g. encryption, Virtualization technology, flash technology, etc.) this means that it’s crucial to choose a service provider with a strong experience of handling thousands of cases every year. This can assure that the recovery tools and their technical staff are up to the mark. Long experience means advance skills; advanced skills mean a better chance of recovering your lost data.
  • Ask the right questions! – When you shortlist the data recovery companies, remember to request all the queries and clarifications you need. Ask useful questions, for example: what does the price package include? There’s nothing more annoying than paying a big amount for something that isn’t covering for all your needs. If the lost data is unrecoverable, what charges you have to pay then? Once recovered, will the data be in its old form and functional? Where will they recover your data? When are you supposed to receive back your original disk? If the answers from the Customer Service department of the potential company are satisfactory, only then you sign a deal with them. Otherwise, move on to the next one on the list.  
  • Check for partnerships – Ask about possible alliances between the data recovery company and the OEM/manufacturers of your media, as partnerships indicate high technical skills.
  • Bring damaged media in person –Try to bring the damaged files to the data recovery company in person. In doing so, you will be able to judge your data recovery company better. If you are at the right address but in front of you there is a small private house instead of a professional company’s entrance probably the recovery will happen in a basement instead of a nice, clean room! Be aware of the beautiful websites that are mean to attract potential customers, but sometimes they are just a curtain to hide the absence of professional resources. Also, stay away from false claims like “we will recover 100% of your data” and other strange statements… nobody can guarantee a complete recovery before finishing an assessment of the damage.

No wonder, the market is flooded with many data recovery service provider. All it takes a non-experienced company and you are doomed. We, at DTI Data Recovery, are offering data recovery services to our esteemed clients since 1998. Our cutting-edge storage technologies, professional customer service, and affordable pricing set us apart from other companies in the industry.

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