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Crypto and Forex investors are always in search of a reliable and smooth-running platform that facilitates them in such trading. Digital currencies are included in a rising market and Vlado limited is an amazing planet to land on for this purpose. It is a licensed firm that provides you with many outstanding services so that you enjoy a remarkable trading experience. It has made everything easy for you. This platform is registered in the United Kingdom, however, it operates from Dubai. Their prime importance is to meet all of your needs in online trading.

Markets that Vlado targets

Vlado is progressing in terms of providing outstanding services. Now, it is targeting many trading opportunities for its users. They include the following:


Vlado has become one of the best platforms that makes Forex trading smooth and easy to understand for its users. Vlado is offering 24/5 liquid market Forex trading.


Vlado provides you with multiple cryptocurrency investment opportunities without any discomfort. Now you can buy numerous coins including Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more.

Precious metals

One of the most liquid assets in which you can invest is gold. Vlado is now making it easy for you to invest in this precious asset on MT4.


We all know that CFDs allow you to make a profit via price movements. Vlado provides you with opportunities to take advantage of CFDs to make a significant profit.

Vlado’s trading partners


Good news for the people who want to refer Vlado to others. You can introduce clients to them and earn significant revenue based on their performance on their platform. You do not have to worry about anything except referring clients to them.

White labels

Vlado is now offering you a white-label partnership so you can establish your own brand. They offer these services to startups as well as established brokers. You can take advantage of their ready products, support as well as services.


Be their affiliate and earn a significant profit. You can advertise Vlado on your website or other online platforms. You will get a commission depending on the traffic you direct to Vlado. Digital marketers, email marketers, and bloggers can get this partnership and make money out of it.


If you want to introduce Vlado to the market, be their partner. They provide you with everything you need to establish this partnership.

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