How Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures Are Using Technology to Take the Pain and Time Out Of Treatment

Swift advances in technology have had many notable impacts on people’s lives and this includes cosmetic treatment. The increased sophistication of devices that can carry out laser and light-based procedures means that people can address issues with their appearance, without worrying about painful surgery and long recovery times.

Residents of Newmarket can take advantage of these forward leaps in technology thanks to the presence of a laser clinic that is run by Canada MedLaser. The clinic offers a range of services that promise to be quick to perform, with brief minor discomfort – in contrast to what can be very painful and lengthy experiences under surgery.

These services include tackling disproportionate growth of hair, for both men and women. While this process uses a laser, the beam itself is modified according to the needs of the patient – different wavelengths and light intensities are available depending on the extent and nature of the hair growth. While in these cases the laser is used to destroy hair follicles responsible for the growth, it can also be used in a similar way to deal with nail fungus: this type of growth is caused by bacteria on the nail, and the precision of the laser means the bacteria can be targeted without affecting the healthy tissue surrounding it.

The laser therapy can also be used to tackle general skin complaints such as rosacea, enlarged pores, spider veins and hyperpigmentation. Here the laser light can bring about coagulation of the blood within the spider veins that generally cause the redness of rosacea, which makes them invisible to the naked eye. Another method of reversing these skin conditions, provided by Canada MedLaser at their clinic, is microneedling – this involves tiny needles pricking the skin, stimulating the body to release collagen as a way to automatically repair the skin, which in so doing restores its health and appearance. Microneedling can also be used to remove acne scars and stretch marks.

Addressing issues with people’s skin is not the only service offered at Canada MedLaser – a technology called CoolSculpting aims to overcome obesity, doing so by freezing fat cells to encourage a natural process whereby the body sheds them as ‘dead’ cells. CoolSculpting follows a scientific method called cryolipolysis, which confirms the effects of the procedure are permanent – it can be used on a range of body parts such as the neck, buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

Canada MedLaser’s Newmarket laser clinic also offers aesthetic treatments, as well as addressing skin conditions – with Microblading and permanent make-up available in a process that involve tattooing techniques without the traditional depth of a tattoo. Here the pigments of the make-up or brow hair are inserted through small incisions towards the surface of the skin.

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Canada Medlase offers services in clinics based in Newmarket, Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga. They are staffed by qualified professionals whose credentials meet national requirements, with only fully licensed procedures taking place and all staff having undergone specialized training.

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