How does Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) approach Accreditation Survey confidently in these unprecedented times?

Systems transformation in healthcare includes establishing work flows for optimal performance and resource utilization. However, progress in healthcare mandates compliance. This premise is often tested in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) space, which adopts a lean approach to high quality healthcare. Documentation of compliance is quintessential for licensure of ASC’s. In the emerging healthcare landscape, intelligent systems design will incorporate notifications on deviation from compliance – this will form the foundation for compliant value based care.

ASCLOGS is the healthcare e-compliance platform for tracking any and all aspects of ASC function. The cloud based solution has an array of customizable digitized logs for demonstrating regulatory compliance. The platform includes modules for device management, indications for use (IFU), drug and narcotic management, contract management, supplies management, policies and procedures management.

ASCLOGS inculcates a culture of continual compliance. The platform provides an AS-IS status of Compliance readiness in the Dynamic Compliance dashboard. The Smart Alert System with alerts and assignment tracking fosters teamwork and accountability. Resource utilization to address deficiencies can be methodically assigned – a lean, cost conscious solution rapidly placing the organization back on track to compliance.

Awareness of the regulatory environment is integral to ASCLOGS. For instance, with the COVID19 pandemic, following recommendations of NJDOH and CDC, ASCLOGS developed a COVID19 Screening and Risk Assessment tool to preemptively identify at-risk healthcare workers. Evolving standards often necessitate alterations in workflow to ensure safety of patients and healthcare workers alike. Against the backdrop of a dynamic healthcare landscape, safe patient care with positive outcomes requires continual awareness and documentation ensuring the state of regulatory compliance.

ASCLOGS – the comprehensive platform empowering Ambulatory Surgery Centers to achieve Accreditation Compliance through Continual Digital Vigilance

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