How can a doorstop protect when no one is home

More than just alerting someone with an alarm that a door has just been opened, a physical device such as the wedge or a security bar will actually prevent the opening in the first place.

While an alarm is great in many circumstances, sometimes somebody wants the safe feeling he gets knowing that no one can get inside.

At home, someone takes his security for granted. one’s home is his castle, right? he takes care to make sure all the windows and doors are locked before he goes to bed for the night.

someone sleep peacefully knowing he is secure in his own personal sanctuary.

That is until he is burglarized or even become a victim of a home invasion.

How to Stop a Door From Being Opened

One of their prevention devices is the door stop alarm. This device is wedge-shaped and is placed at the foot of the door on the inside. The device has two primary purposes.

To prevent the door from being opened, and To alert someone to someone trying to open it.

The wedge-shaped stopper wedges between the bottom of the door and the floor where it is placed and physically blocks the entryway from being opened.

The 120db alarm will wake him and any other occupants and let him know someone is trying or tried to enter. The deterrent effect of the alarm going off will likely scare off the intruder if he doesn’t want to get caught.

Prevent the door from being opened. These devices add to the security of one’s home, office, motel, or anywhere else someone wants to block an opening.

Another prevention device has available is the door brace. This 20 gauge steel device fits under the knob and reaches the floor at an angle. (see image below)

The solid construction of this device, along with its design, stops a door from being opened from the outside.

Works great on sliding glass openings as well. Remove the end caps and place them in the way of the track of the sliding door and it will not be able to be opened.

Either of these is perfect for traveling although the wedge is smaller and easier to take with since it takes up less space.

If staying at a motel for the night, people can rest better with door stopper knowing that not even the staff can get inside when don’t want them to.

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