CCAM Wires, Polyester Tapes and Aluminum Foil Polyester Tapes Order

ONE WORLD is glad to share with the buyer that got the material order which includes the polyester tape, aluminum foil polyester tape, CCAM wires from our Egyptian customer for the production of cable braiding and shielding.

This cargo which includes 2 tons of CCAM wires, 2 tons of polyester tapes, and 2 tons of aluminum foil polyester tapes will be finished in March. This Egypt customer is a new customer for one world, one world received the order not only the good price, but also the high quality, professional technical support, and best service. Actually, in order to promote cooperation and express sincerity for cooperation, one world sent the free samples to the customer.

One world has confidence in materials because of the great quality, so like to send samples to customers first who have real demands.

No matter what the customer had questions, one world will always answer the customer in time and solve the problems.

As all know, the customer received samples from several suppliers, but one world is chosen to be the order supplier finally. In the future, they will always try the best to offer customers high-quality products and good prices during the cooperation process.

CCAM´╝îwhich is the abbreviation of copper-clad aluminum-magnesium. The CCAM supplied is of the most stable quality in China, the quality is also at the top grade in China.

One world can provide copper-clad aluminum-magnesium alloy wire by electroplating method and cladding method according to customers’ requirements, and also can provide copper-clad aluminum-magnesium alloy wires of various specifications including super fine wire and large wires, soft and hard state with different copper volume ratio and conductivity.

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