How Australia’s Largest Pool and Spa Company Became a Huge Driver of the Australian Economy

If there is one good thing about this global pandemic crisis, it is redefining what it means to be a great leader. Many business owners are struggling to stay profitable, but Blue Haven believes it’s simple. Thinking outside the box while ensuring the welfare of your team and stakeholders is key to the survival of your business.

Remonda Rose, CEO of Blue Haven Pools and Spas, is at the centre of Australia’s oldest and largest family-owned pool and spa company. Working with grace under pressure, Remonda has remained agile and proactive, providing her company with reassurance and a sense of direction in times of uncertainty.

“The last thing I want to do is to create fear and anxiety. It’s important to be positive and to be extremely compassionate while remaining transparent, especially to my team”, Remonda Comments.

Blue Haven’s strategy is to elevate the message that as a family business, quick critical thinking and proactive actions are significant not just financially, but to ensure current clients are provided with quality service and that both contractors and suppliers commit to working in harmony for everyone’s survival.

“While our enquiries have inevitably slowed down in the front end due to unprecedented changes, we’ve still got $10 million in contracts which are either proceeding with construction or waiting for approval from the local government. This means we have secured cash flow but the key goal is to ensure all profits from these projects will sustain us for the next 12 months”, says Remonda.

It is fundamental to consider the consequences of all your actions. Time is an unavoidable factor in this crisis which makes constant communication key to surviving the long game. One thing that has worked well for Blue Haven is a collaboration with its stakeholders.

“I call it humble collaboration. Instead of paying the contractors the full rate at this time, we offered them a package that enables them to stay working with us. We’re going towards maximising current profits now, preventing us from overspending if no projects occur in the next few months.”

Being innovative and creative is a gift during this crisis. Thinking outside the box will ensure the survival of your business.

“Our sales team has been proactive, keeping in touch with customers who have signed recent contracts with us and gave everyone the opportunity to defer their projects until the pandemic is over. On the other hand, we’ve launched free 3D renders that bring our clients’ designs to life, giving people the ability to do virtual consultations”, says Remonda.

These new business practices have helped Blue Haven gain sales over the last fortnight. Remonda has demonstrated how to transform your business model despite the current restrictions due to COVID-19. As this crisis continues to change the way we live our lives, these changes will last with us.

“I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe that the future will be a million times better than the way it was yesterday. Whilst I am CEO of Blue Haven, I am first and foremost a mother to my three beautifully compassionate boys, a wife to my amazing husband and daughter to my parents”, Remonda concludes.

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