Houston\’s One Spice is looking to raise funds on Kickstarter

The Houston One Spice Company of Lake Worth Florida is seeking $20,000 by Nov. 26 to market their new product line of food spices. With 44 days to go, seven backers have pledged $305.

“One Spice will change the way you cook, save you money and give you delicious flavors in all your dishes,” stated a company spokesperson. “Houston’s One Spice is a unique blend of herbs and spices.”

Pledges from the Kickstarter.com pledge campaign will be used toward manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the product.

The spokesman also said One Spice is a blend that can be used on a handful of foods in any kitchen. The company is working to get their blend of spices out into the world and into everyone’s kitchen. “Our Spice are designed to enhance the flavor of your meat, veggies, salads, pastas, stews and soups. We are so excited, grateful and are looking forward to your help to bring this project to life.

“One Spice started in our kitchen as a family recipe. Our guests would always ask what we put on our dishes, and we would always end up sending them home with some of our One Spice blends. They would share it with their friends and their family and we started to get great demand for our spices to the point where we decided to make it a business.”

There are 12 levels of donations with rewards valued between $2 and $5,000.  Rewards include a thank you letter and company pens to the Houston One Spice company catering a meal for up to ten people.

“The One Spice people are going to do their absolute best to keep up with supply and demand, marketing and continuing to improve their product offerings while really listening to what our pledges and potential customers have to say.”

The line of products uses a variety of blends for different food types. The pork spice has been designed for ribs, pork chops, pork shoulder, and pork tenderloin. The beef spice blend is for steak, brisket, pot roast, beef ribs, burgers and beef stew. The poultry spice has been blended for eggs, omelets, chicken, fish, scallops, crab, turkey, veggie, pasta, salad, and soups.

“Houston’s One Spice has taken all the guesswork out of spicing up your meals. One spice is a one-and-done system that locks in all your flavors and juices to your food. Save time using Houston one spice. No more using six or seven different spices. My children love it on popcorn.”

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/houstonsonespice/houstons-one-spice/description for more information or to commit a pledge.

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