Angel Baby Adult Pillow Gel Mat Receives Rave Review from Top Rated Amazon Reviewer

“Angel Baby Adult Cooling Pillow Mat”
Adult Pillow Gel Mat, a highly appreciated product from Angel Baby, has recently received strong recommendation from a top five-hundred Amazon reviewer. Many users have already mentioned that this product is capable of reducing migraine, hot flash, and fever.

Angel Baby is pleased to reveal yet another noteworthy accomplishment of their popular cooling gel mat for adults. A top five-hundred Amazon reviewer has recently posted a detailed review describing the benefits of this product. This product has already received over four-hundred reviews  from Amazon shoppers that have recommended it as a remedy for fever, migraine, and hot flashes. These speciality pillows are currently selling in for $24.95 only.

The cooling pillow mats from Angel Baby were designed with precision to ensure sound sleep for the users. Manufactured using premium, safe medical-grade gel, these gel mats are soft, comfortable and donot interrupt the sleep patterns of the users. The product’s form-fitting design allows it to contour to the pillows and the users’ body. The cooling effect of the mats can be increased by putting them in a refrigerator for sometime.

Top five-hundred Amazon reviewer Patty T mentions in her review, “I am one of those people who has to sleep in a cool room or I go a little crazy. On top of that, I am 50 and it isn’t unusual for me to go from freezing to feeling like I have a 103 degree fever in a flash. Hot flash! I also have severe headaches due to a neck injury and have tossed and turned all night because of them. I have some very awesome pillows that help me to sleep well but being too hot will wake me up every time. This gel mat is amazing. It is large and fairly thick. It comes with its own pillowcase and can be used on top of the pillow or tucked inside the pillowcase of your regular pillow.”

She also mentioned, “It’s soft and flexible and needs only about an hour in the fridge to get really cool and stay cool for a long time. It’s cool without being in the fridge but, when you really need and want something cool under your head whether it is for a fever, headache, hot flashes, or just because its warm in the room, refrigerating the gel pad really makes a big difference. It never freezes into a hard icy thing and it also does not sweat or leak.”

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