Hosie Bush IV Pens His First Book, “NINJA DAD!”, a Classic Bedtime Read

Hosie Bush IV Pens His First Book, "NINJA DAD!", a Classic Bedtime Read

Writer Hosie Bush IV’s brand-new book “NINJA DAD!” is now out. The children’s genre book is a classic bedtime read for parents to enjoy with their kids. Hosie gave the book a dad-based theme, a take on the familiar ‘superhero’ dad figure that children love so much. “NINJA DAD!” finally hit the shelves on September 20, 2021, and is now available in eBook and paperback format on Amazon.

“NINJA DAD!” is a story of how parents, the dad in this case, always seem to have eyes everywhere and know what their kids are up to. Besides the rhythmic writing style, the author has attempted to keep the book at a pace that will hold the children’s attention. During his time working as a substitute teacher, Hosie enjoyed every moment of it. And while writing this book, he placed himself in the scenario of a teacher reading to their students on the carpet in class.

“I even placed mini questions that will allow kids to raise their hands if they can relate to that situation. For example, I ask them if they’ve ever chased the ice cream truck. This keeps them engaged and less likely to get distracted and start to wander or play around. I wanted this to be a fun read and enjoyable for any kid or kid at heart”, says the author Hosie Bush IV.

To illustrate the book “NINJA DAD!”, Hosie hired a young budding illustrator, Morgan Davis. He commends her for doing an incredible job while just being sixteen years old. Hosie says it was a pleasure having her on the team and he looks forward to working on future projects with Morgan. 

“This is a cute children’s book; the story is playful, fun, and the illustrations are great as well. A fun read for the little ones in your life”, says an impressed reader.

Hosie Bush IV is a writer based in Jackson, Michigan. He worked for a while as a substitute teacher which eventually gave him the idea to write a children’s book. Hosie is currently working on new projects which he hopes to release soon.

For more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/NinjaDadBook

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