Heroic Game Day’s New Diabetes Program Promotes Type 1 Childhood Diabetes Management Using Game-Based Learning

Heroic Game Day’s New Diabetes Program Promotes Type 1 Childhood Diabetes Management Using Game-Based Learning
Recognized by the American Diabetes Association 2024 Innovation Challenge, Heroic Game Day’s new launch of their diabetes program is transforming the lives of children living with diabetes, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future.

Boise, Idaho – Heroic Diabetes, an initiative launched by Heroic Game Day’s skills learning platform for K-6 students will be showcased in June at the American Diabetes Association Innovation Challenge. This program engages children in learning how to embrace life’s adventures despite their challenges. By doing so, it not only enhances the lives of children but also provides invaluable support to their families, communities, and the healthcare professionals who guide and care for them throughout their journey.

Resources for the 244,000 children living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in America are alarmingly scarce, leaving them vulnerable to a lifetime of challenges including repeated hospitalizations and increased rates of depression. Without innovative solutions to address the rising rates of T1D diagnosis, healthcare professionals and affected families will continue to grapple with emergent situations on a national scale for years to come. Moreover, diabetes stands as the single most expensive chronic condition in the United States, with diabetics paying an estimated 2.3 times more in healthcare costs than non-diabetics. This financial burden, coupled with the emotional toll on families, underscores the urgent need for transformative initiatives in childhood diabetes management. 

“The good news for the financial and individual suffering from diabetes is that day-to-day health concerns and secondary diseases can be prevented through proper treatment and education, which is already available. The gap between patients and behavioral change must be addressed through effective educational efforts,” states Jaren Smith, Director and Kid’s Advocate for the Heroic Diabetes project. “Early education for this vulnerable population is financially justified by significantly reducing secondary disease processes from developing.”

“The Heroic Diabetes project is a scalable video game platform to facilitate self-motivated learning in school-aged children. By playing the game, kids will be learning the basics of diabetes, including how to engage in their own care plans, and decreasing the burden being placed on healthcare providers or parents,” states Scott Dow, CEO of Heroic Game Day. “Our intent is to supplement what the kids already have – not replace. So regardless of what support the child is getting or not getting – we can help.”

The Game’s Purpose and Theme:

  • Purpose: To empower children with Type 1 DM through effective kid-driven education and to provide meaningful resources for affected families.

  • Theme: Learning how to manage diabetes lets kids live their full adventure!

The Game’s Learning Objectives:

  • Pathophysiology: Children will understand the cause and consequences of T1D.

  • Nutrition: Children will understand principles of nutrition in the context of T1D.

  • Treatment: Children will identify methods of insulin administration, glucose monitoring, important symptoms to communicate to adults, and considerations for safe exercise.

  • Coping: Children will be provided with methods for coping with chronic illness while being involved with a safe online community of fellow children with T1D. 

In Heroic Diabetes’s game-based learning environment, children are empowered to learn, level up, and acquire critical disease management skills independently. The platform’s scalability ensures consistency and effectiveness, whether for one child or millions. Collaborating partners contribute as subject matter experts, driving engagement and learning for children and parents alike. Heroic Diabetes advocates for all stakeholders to join in alleviating the needless suffering of children affected by diabetes, emphasizing not just finding a cure but also enhancing their quality of life.

About Heroic Game Day 

Heroic Game Day complements traditional public and private schools as a “bolt-on” supplement that delivers academic, social, and healthy deliverables to schools while maintaining their autonomy. It has been in the making for the past decade, using technology (game-based learning, data-driven intelligence, and blockchain) to connect, engage, and deliver world-leading academic, social, and health results that will help retain America’s leadership position in the world. This is an extremely scalable and effective education system. We already know if a student spends 30 mins per day in the game, they will not only become proficient in the Top 20 critical life skills, but they will also become proficient at their math and reading state tests. Now, this tool is available for the diabetic youth community.

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