Healthy Teeth and Gums Can Save Canadians Thousands of Dollars over a Lifetime

Canadians are urged continually by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) to practice overall good oral hygiene and prevent oral problems before they start.

Canadians are urged continually by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) to practice overall good oral hygiene and prevent oral problems before they start.  Getting the affordable care that is needed quickly and efficiently, and cost effectively has been somewhat of a problem throughout the years for Canadians, as dental care is routinely not covered by insurance, unless it is private pay or through an employer.  Many dental care specialists such as Thornhill Dental in Thornhill Ontario, are now however, providing extended hours, more affordable services, and assisting patients with care options and financing advice and opportunities.     

From childhood onward, good oral hygiene can prevent future dental problems.  

According to the Canadian Dental Association, the earlier a child starts seeing a dentist, the less nervous they are.  The first trip can just accommodate the child to a dentist, with only perhaps looking at the instruments and sitting in the dental chair.  Tons of videos that help Canadian parents adjust and assist their children with a dental visit are posted online by the CDA.  These videos are worth watching and are presented in a lovely, very informal way by the CDA.  A good dental provider should also be knowledgeable on how to deal with children so that dental care can start as early as possible.  Any dental practice should have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, even for adults, as any dental procedure can cause stress even in adults.  The less pain and the more relaxed the atmosphere, the more individuals will routinely see their chosen dentist. 

Another factor that contributes to Canadians not seeking dental care is the cost.

Although Canada has health care costs covered, it does not include most drugs and does not cover dental care.  Dental care in Canada is mostly private pay or through employer programs and this can keep Canadians from seeking routine dental care.  Thornhill Dental and other providers are now aligning with financing companies to assist with costs and can also offer assistance to Canadians with seeking out some types of government funding for some procedures and assisting also with the paperwork that this will include.  There are options for all types of dental procedures that individuals might not be aware of.  Finding a dental provider that is aware of all programs and will assist with finding funding is a big plus. 

Locating a qualified dental provider that will help with all aspects of dental care is a priority.

Good dental health can not only prevent oral problems but other health problems. There are about ten serious health problems that can be prevented by good oral hygiene.   Its easier now for Canadians to access good dental health for basic procedures to cosmetic procedures.  Mentally, socially and physically, good dental health and a great smile lead to a happier, healthier life.  Making dental health a priority is now becoming much easier and more convenient for residents of the Thornhill area. 

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Thornhill Dental is a dental practice in the Thornhill.  The services are extensive and it’s a family-oriented atmosphere based on tooth preservation and good dental hygiene.  Costs of dentistry can be discussed and financing options available.  The hours are extensive, with an online form, free consultations and 24-hour response from first contact.  Even Sunday hours are available by appointment only.  Direct insurance billing is offered. 

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