TMD Sufferers Now Have More Options to Relieve the Discomfort and Embarrassment

In a nutshell, it affects the joint socket between the jaw and the ear and can many times cause extreme pain.  Misalignment of the joint and the socket is the root cause and there are a variety of symptoms, including popping noises when chewing, grinding of teeth during sleep, and even excruciating pain and tooth breakage.  Individuals are usually unaware of the disease and only a trip to a qualified dentist familiar with it can assist with alleviating it and preventing damage to teeth and of course, pain from it.  The joint is not fitting into the ball socket correctly which is causing the damage and pain.  Misalignment is the culprit.  TMD is the actual disorder while TMJ is the actual joint malformation.  The symptoms can be mild from just a clicking when chewing, or so severe that an individual is in constant pain and can break teeth while sleeping. 

Control of this disease is highly suggested by the Canadian Dental Association (CAD).

The Canadian Dental Association really recommends controlling TMD in the process of seeking good overall dental health as this disorder progresses throughout the years causing other tooth problems along the way.  A good dental practice will diagnose and suggest methods to deal with this on an individual basis and promote good overall dental hygiene.  A complete examination is recommended twice a year by the Canadian Dental Association.  Many fine dentists in Canada, such as Singer Dental, have taken it upon themselves to provide solutions for all problems associated with TMD.  TMD therapy has become a priority now because of the vast number of sufferers. 

Making matters worse is the fact that many times TMD goes diagnosed mistakenly.

It can lead to head and neck pain, and if it centers or seems to center around a particular tooth, some dental practices will mistakenly remove the tooth that seems to be the problem, when in essence its TMD pain that is really the underlying cause.  This causes unnecessary tooth extractions and unnecessary caps on teeth, as well as other procedures that don’t alleviate or pinpoint the problem correctly.  A knowledgeable dental practice in TMJ and TMD is always the wisest step before any other types of procedures occur.  There are a set of standards in place for diagnosis, and a set of standards in place for proper treatment.  X-rays, CAT Scans and other types of diagnostic procedures will take place in a good dental practice that is knowledgeable.

Whatever the cause, a good dental practice should be the first step in the treatment. 

Individuals do not have to live in discomfort with this problem forever, as newer procedures can now make this a very controllable type of chronic disease.  But only finding a knowledgeable dental practice with skill in the diagnosis and treatment will lead to success for patients. 

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