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Vaccines are the foremost defense against infectious diseases, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding both individual and public health, as well as national security. Recognizing the importance of safe vaccination, Haier Biomedical addresses the industry’s pain points head-on, offering holistic solutions tailored to ensure a safer and more efficient vaccination process, including intelligent vaccine deployment strategies adaptable to diverse scenarios, global cold chain solutions for vaccines, and innovative immunotherapy products. This empowers and strengthens the high-quality development of global immunization initiatives.

Marking the significance of World Immunization Week, Haier Biomedical invites you to delve into the realm of immunization knowledge and, together, safeguard health and the quality of life.

Comprehensive Smart Vaccine Solution: Safeguarding the ‘Last Mile’ of Vaccines

In the conventional administration management model, challenges plague the vaccination process, including sluggish information dissemination, inefficiencies in manual management, supervision blind spots, vaccine retrieval fatigue prone to errors, and difficulty in tracing the vaccination journey in its entirety. To ensure the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of vaccination endeavors while fostering a safe and user-friendly vaccination experience, Haier Biomedical has introduced a pioneering smart vaccine solution tailored for all scenarios, employing the “smart devices + information platform + public service” model, which ensures interoperability throughout the vaccine lifecycle, spanning from manufacturer transportation to CDC cold storage, vaccination clinics, appointment scheduling, and post-vaccination reaction monitoring. It also enables precise vaccine collection, instantaneous identification of problematic vaccines for freezing, and traceability throughout the entire vaccination process.

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