H2O2 Sterilizer: Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer: Compact Size, High Efficiency

Disinfection and sterilization are crucial for curbing the spread of pathogens, which is particularly important in domains such as biological experimentation, medical disease control, and food processing industries. Among the array of methods available, hydrogen peroxide disinfection garners significant favor from the market due to its exceptional efficiency in eliminating multidrug-resistant bacteria and providing terminal disinfection.

To further enhance user satisfaction and cater comprehensively to the diverse needs of disinfection and sterilization in scientific research and production, Haier Biomedical has innovatively introduced atomized and vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers, tailored to address the disinfection demands of both large and small spaces, thereby ensuring a more holistic and meticulous approach to disinfection and sterilization across diverse usage scenarios.

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer: Compact Size, High Efficiency

Responding to the challenge of sterilizing compact devices and confined spaces, Haier Biomedical has introduced the vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, heralding a “small yet powerful” sterilization solution.

Weighing only 12 kilograms, Haier Biomedical’s vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer boasts portability and convenience, seamlessly fitting into laboratory equipment for thorough disinfection. It is efficient and effortless, streamlining disinfection tasks and simplifying the workload.

Technological Upgrade for Elevated Efficiency

In terms of disinfection efficiency, this sterilizer integrates a flash evaporation module technology, which atomizes before vaporization. This process yields small particle sizes with enhanced penetration, ensuring thorough disinfection and a high sterilization rate.

Residue-Free Green Decomposition

In terms of environmental protection, the vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer adeptly decomposes pathogens and other substances into H₂O and O₂, leaving behind no residual traces. By prioritizing environmental sustainability in its development, this product spearheads a new era of green technology.

Atomized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer:Comprehensive Sterilization, Enhanced Safety

For large spaces such as laboratories and production workshops, Haier Biomedical’s atomized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer delivers a high-level disinfection and sterilization experience through a suite of product innovations, unlocking a new experience in disinfection and sterilization.

Thorough Disinfection Covering Large Spaces

The atomized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer employs exclusive nozzle technology to generate mist particles with a diameter of less than 3 micrometers. This ensures comprehensive effectiveness, facilitating broad-spectrum sterilization and achieving heightened sterilization efficiency. Equipped with a 5-liter solution bottle capacity, it is capable of disinfecting spaces spanning up to 300 cubic meters.

Intelligent Human Sensing for Enhanced Protection

The atomized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is equipped with an intelligent human sensing system, ensuring personnel safety by initiating operations only upon confirmation that there is no personnel in the vicinity. Additionally, its surge mode enables intermittent spraying, mitigating the risk of local corrosion that may arise from continuous spraying within enclosed spaces.

Comprehensive Data Recording

To meet the need for disinfection data recording during product use, the atomized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer offers a diverse array of functionalities including permission management, alarm systems, audit tracing, data recording, and data export capabilities. Augmented by an intelligent large screen interface, users can easily access and retrieve data records at their convenience.

Haier Biomedical’s hydrogen peroxide sterilizers have emerged as potent solutions that effectively address prevalent pain points and deliver advanced solutions for comprehensive disinfection and sterilization needs, thereby earning accolades from satisfied customers. Supported by their innovative technologies and a steadfast commitment to safety and environmental protection, Haier Biomedical is committed to continue to develop more high-quality products, furnishing a robust impetus for the smooth implementation and enhancement of scientific research endeavors.

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