Hayden Dorf’s Love Saga “Letters from the Hermit Kingdom” Releasing Soon In Multiple Languages

An impossible love story from the isolated country of North Korea – for a kidnapped American – juxtaposed with an astonishing display of care and torrid love will soon be available in German, Hindi and Romanian and other languages.

BERLIN – DECEMBER 28, 2020 – Hayden Dorf’s novel “Letters From The Hermit Kingdom” is now set to release in multiple world languages. The English version having been very successful in two short weeks of its release, the publisher and author decided to make it available to the rest of the world in multiple major languages just so that this beautiful tale can be regaled by the non-English speaking communities also.

Published on December 15, 2020, “Letters From The Hermit Kingdom” brings to life the largely unknown people of North Korea, the Korean Peninsula, the animosity between the United States and North Korea and an unraveling story of a South Korean sergeant and an American who are kidnapped by Pyongyang from the Demilitarized Zone. But this is not it. Core to it is the riveting tale of love between the same American and a North Korean young woman who is tending to their injuries. This intriguingly impossible love story for the ages – hanging on a remnant thread between North Korea and the United States sharing a publicly brumal relationship – is set to grapple the readers’ attention like never before.

All this while the South Korean sergeant has asked the American, Alex Robinson, to write letters to his fiancée – something profoundly significant and consequential that forms the basis for the title of the book. This suspense, mystery, political intrigue, and the pangs of beings lovers from hostile nations will now soon be available in major world languages, including German, Hindi and Romanian.

“Lately, pain and helplessness are the mirrors that show me my right dimension, my humble and insignificant self”, writes Alex from a North Korean prison nobody knows about. He further writes, “I  fall asleep late, innocently, with the night’s husks in my hands. I dream again in solitude, but I look towards you …” encapsulating not just the sergeant’s love for his fiancée but also of his fellow prisoner Alex Robinson for Kim Hyo-Ri, their North Korean medical attender. The moment I started receiving the feedback and responses, I knew more and more people had to feel the emotions enveloped in the letters in their own language. Not only that, Letters From The Hermit Kingdom is also available in audiobook format! Now you can administer a particular pecuniary and bounteous advantage to your literary collection in more than one way. What does life inside North Korea really look like? Brace yourself. You’re about to find out”, said the author Hayden Dorf.

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Hayden Dorf is the author of Letters From the Hermit Kingdom. Having successfully forayed in poetry and published several of them, he decided to pen his first novel.

Download The Audiobook – https://drive.google.com/file/d/12myZ3JHERxQ1nxmXLnrMBRjh3He-UOER/view?usp=drive_web

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