Hawaii Revealed mobile app launches new custom maps

Island Maps are based on those found in the best-selling guidebooks and provide up-to-the-minute information on Hawaii.

Hawaii Revealed App, the leading Hawaii guide app in the travel industry, has recently launched their custom maps. The new feature is essential for travellers who are hiking or in remote locations, as they will now be able to connect with Hawaii Revealed’s custom GPS maps even while offline.

The maps will mainly be used to find activities, resorts and restaurants on Hawaii, reviewed anonymously by the Hawaii Revealed Team. With the app, users gain access to hundreds of business reviews all experienced first-hand by the team. Besides being written anonymously, the Hawaii Revealed team also has the advantage of comparing several similar activities on the island, such as boat tours or hikes, against each other. Users benefit from having up to date and contextual information on all island activities.

“Along with the printed guidebooks, I knew that a mobile app would be necessary to provide an even greater experience for more people to enjoy,” said Andrew Doughty, author of the Hawaii Revealed Guidebooks. “The app captures the guidebooks well and includes everything the readers love, just in a more convenient format. We’re also able to send out updates while people are in Hawaii. It’s like having our books in your pocket!”

The maps are high-resolution and interactive, based on the easy to follow maps found in the Hawaii Revealed guidebooks. Users can tap the map on screen to see which attractions are nearby, from hidden beaches to hiking trails. The GPS feature helps users navigate the islands without any signal or data roaming charges on their Apple or Android device.

Close to half a million users have downloaded the Hawaii Revealed iOS and Android apps. The in-app purchase is a year-long subscription to content about the island of their choice, which is updated daily. 

About Hawaii Revealed

The Hawaii Revealed Guidebooks are the #1 Best Seller in the Hawaii Travel Books category on Amazon. Hawaii Revealed consists of a small team who review all of the businesses featured in the books and app, all while remaining anonymous. This approach allows them to write unbiased reviews, tell readers which spots to avoid and reveal real gems on the Hawaiian islands.

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