Introducing AbleChair, the World\’s First Powered Wheelchair that Offers Gait Training and Freedom to Stand, Walk, Recline and Tilt

AbleChair, the world’s first wheelchair with gait therapy, marks the next stage in the evolution of wheelchairs. A full-function power wheelchair, it offers the freedom that the disabled have always dreamed of – to not only be able to sit, but move around, travel and be able to stand, elevate and lift, recline and tilt – the first experience of true freedom.

Advanced Fitness Components has launched its Kickstarter campaign to market the AbleChair at great discounts, and welcomes funding contributions.

With the AbleChair, users can not only walk along, but also walk away! Introduced by Advanced Fitness Components, which designs the award winning SpinoFlex gait training products, the AbleChair is an all-in-one, multi-purpose wheelchair that will be available at a fraction of the cost of today’s sophisticated wheelchairs. the AbleChair offers gait therapy with controlled weight bearing, the only one in the market to do so. It takes only seconds for the chair to convert into an effective gait system, and users can practice walking at home instead of going to a clinic.

When you decide to support this project, you will be changing millions of lives once we are able to meet our backing goals!” says Bala Vatti of Advanced Fitness Components.

The AbleChair meets a fundamental need of the human body, to be able to stay upright, a posture where all body organs, muscles and systems work in their optimal condition. People with physical disabilities face a tremendous disadvantage due to not being able to stand or move upright. A conventional wheelchair puts them fixed to the same position and the same height for hours.

The therapeutic benefits of the AbleChair derive from its multi-functional abilities, position control and mobility. By using a wireless phone app, users can take any number of positions, save their favorite positions and invoke them with the touch of a button. They can gait-train themselves anytime and anywhere, and recover faster. The wheelchair also brings in savings on PT, OT and ADL, which will pay for the wheelchair in a short period of time.

the AbleChair empowers wheelchair users with increased independence and improved health. We want to make the AbleChair the best experience possible and we want to ensure the highest levels of comfort and independence,” says Bala Vatti.

The AbleChair will also relieve caregivers and loved ones, as they can relax with the increased safety and freedom offered by the wheelchair. Supported by the Kickstarter campaign, the AbleChair will be available at exceptional discounts for a limited number of units.


Since 2001, Advanced Fitness Components has developed SpinoFlex line of gait therapy systems used in stroke and spinal cord injury as well as chronic gait disorders. The AbleChair is our new product line that incorporates 18 years of gait training experience into a wheelchair design. AFC is a privately held company in Hudson, NH.

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