Haier Biomedical Gives Impetus to Develop Blood Management Solutions in Tanzania

In an era of growing global interconnectivity,the development of public health has emerged as a shared concern among countries. Recently, to meet the needs for equipment in its new hospitals nationwide, the Ministry of Health in Tanzania issued a national public health tender notice. Haier Biomedical, with its excellent technical prowess and innovative capabilities, secured the tender, earning the opportunity to supply over 300 units of Blood Bank Refrigerators, giving impetus to the development of comprehensive blood management solutions in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian government has selected Blood Bank Refrigerator HXC-158. It enables precision temperature control, maintaining an internal temperature fluctuation at ±1ºC. This temperature control ensures safety, the unit is also equipped with a built-in battery that continues to display the internal temperature for up to 48 hours, even in the event of a power outage. It also features audible and visual alarms, addressing the need for secure blood storage in regions with unstable power supplies. Furthermore, the system boasts five alarm functions, covering high/low temperature, power failure, sensor failure, low backup battery, and opened door, and provides flexibility with three alarm modes, incorporating audible, visual, and remote alarms. Designed with end user convenience in mind, the equipment includes automated frost functionality and anti-condensation technology, making it apt for applications in high-temperature and high-humidity areas. In addition, it adopts features such as inverter compressors and a non-condensing design, reducing energy consumption throughout its operations and delivering users a more efficient and energy-saving experience, which aligns with the principles of sustainable development.


Haier Biomedical is establishing a complete set of digital blood safety solutions and a new blood management model through the seamless integration of devices, a big data platform, and services, thereby achieving a more rational and efficient approach to blood management and allocation.


Building upon diverse intelligent blood scenarios, Haier Biomedical has accelerated its strategic positioning across the entire industry chain, spanning from blood donors to blood users, and created a smart city blood scenario solution, facilitating the digitalized management of the complete blood lifecycle, from collection and preparation to storage, transportation, transfer, blood information management, and clinical blood use. This approach enables real-time deployment and management of urban blood resources, culminating in the establishment of a smart urban blood management hub based on digital blood collection and supply scenarios and the IoT hardware deployed in hospital blood transfusion departments. By leveraging the foundation provided by digital blood collection and supply scenarios and the IoT hardware deployment in hospital blood transfusion departments, the company intends to create an intelligent brain for urban blood management.

Haier Biomedical remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing global healthcare through ongoing innovation and improvement of product performance, and contributing its prowess to support the construction of Tanzania’s blood management while ensuring the safety of blood and related products in the region.

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