Haier Biomedical Drives Initiatives to Develop Public Health Solutions in Turkiye

Prioritizing the investment of medical infrastructure to ensure the health and well-being of its residents, the Türkiye Ministry of Health has recently issued a tender notice for a national public health project to procure products including Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, CO2 Incubators, and Autoclaves. In a competitive bidding process, Haier Biomedical, an eco-brand of digital scenarios of life sciences and healthcare innovations, emerged as the successful bidder, securing the contract by virtue of the excellent quality of its products.


This success builds upon Haier Biomedical’s previous collaborations with the Türkiye health sector, where the company received commendable feedback, establishing a recognized reputation in Türkiye. The most recent delivery includes 56 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, 20 CO2 Incubators, 17 Autoclaves, and 1,096 sets consumables, which will be distributed and implemented across various public health laboratories in the country, thereby extending Haier Biomedical’s public health solutions to the Turkish people and fortifying the health of local users.

Of notable mention is Haier Biomedical’s CO2 Incubator, renowned for its precise control over temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration within the chamber, ensuring the accuracy, stability, and reliability of experimental results. The equipment also boasts a one-click 180ºC dry heat sterilization feature, offering users a more convenient and efficient operating experience.


Over recent years, Haier Biomedical has consistently upheld a commitment to independent innovation, achieving full coverage across the entire temperature spectrum from -196ºC to 8ºC, and delivering full-scenario sample safety solutions, which rapidly and significantly contributing to global public health and biosafety capacity building and reinforcing the biological barrier. This commitment extends to pharmaceutical, blood, and laboratory applications, where the company offers tailored equipment configurations, ensuring it meets users’ diverse needs across all aspects.

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