Groundbreaking PRP Treatment Has Hair-Restoration Clients Flocking to Ontario Clinics

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP therapy, might sound like something straight out of science fiction, but it’s real, and it’s helping people regain their hair and their confidence! The treatment, performed by certified medical aestheticians, is a safe, effective, non-surgical approach to hair loss, and it’s becoming big business for Toronto-based medical beauty clinics Canada MedLaser Clinics.

Clients seeking PRP therapy for hair loss receive an extensive consultation with a skilled practitioner who will examine their scalp, take photos for analysis of problem areas, and determine a course of action to produce the best results. When they’re ready to take the leap, clients provide the aesthetician with a blood sample, and the platelets and plasma are extracted for the treatment.

“We do ask that our clients set up their PRP appointments in conjunction with their medical appointment for having their blood sample drawn,” a spokesperson for Canada MedLaser Clinics said, “The more recent the sample, the better results we see when the plasma is spun.”

Once the client’s platelets are prepared, the aestheticians take pride in making the therapy as comfortable as possible.

“We apply an anesthetic on the areas to be treated and use a combination of micro-injections and low-level laser therapy to introduce the plasma into the scalp,” the spokesperson explained, “We try to make the experience pain-free and efficient. Each session typically only takes about an hour, which our busy clients appreciate.”

According to the spokesperson, the safety and ease of PRP are what attract people to the treatment.

“Because the client’s own blood is used to create the injections, there is little risk of infection, and our providers are trained in sterilization techniques to further reduce that risk,” they said, “When that’s coupled with the ability to partner PRP therapy with other hair-restoration products like oral and topical pharmaceuticals, our clients are thrilled with the flexibility and safety of the treatment.”

PRP therapy works quickly, too, just one more reason that clients are drawn to the procedure. Most people see results in just three months following their first treatment, with increased hair growth and fullness after each subsequent session.

“How many treatments each client undergoes is determined on a case-by-case basis, but we find that scheduling their sessions every 4-8 weeks until the desired results are achieved works best for most people,” the spokesperson said, “After that, a yearly follow-up is recommended to maintain those results.”

Canada MedLaser Clinics operates six clinics in and around the Toronto area. In addition to PRP for hair restoration, they offer a wide variety of medical aesthetic procedures. Clients are invited to browse around their website, contact Canada MedLaser Clinics with any questions, and arrange appointments to begin their hair restoration journey today.

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