GoodpleCompany Specializing in Medical Device Manufacturing, Expands Global Export of Aqualine G Series

Goodpl, a Korean medical device manufacturing company that provides comprehensive solutions in the medical field including medical devices (CEO Jeong Chi Sung), produces 30 types of 1~3 level medical devices such as low frequency stimulators and hydraulic massagers. Since then, for 16 years, it has been boasted its solid management without drop in sales. 

Goodpl started its business in the distribution field in 2002 and later became a manufacturer that sells medical devices in 2005 but began research and development in order to make up for the shortcomings of low-quality medical devices and to produce domestic medical devices of quality. It has been welcomed by the medical market all over the world, including participation. 

Goodple’s flagship product Aqualine G series, which ranges from full-body massage to pain area intensive massage while wearing clothes, is a dry type massager that gives you a comfortable and soft massage experience with delicate water massage method that adapts to your body shape and heat optimized for the body. In addition, it can relieve chronic pain by releasing muscle tension, and it promotes metabolism with thermal massage.

It is a special and fresh medical device that helps relieve stress and calms the mind, wakes up the lymph, activates blood circulation to help maintain natural beauty. 

The patent-pending nozzle spraying method, 12 spraying patterns, soft and powerful 6-step adjustable water pressure and durable water-repellent mat fabric not only relaxes the muscles, but also activates the metabolism to relieve tension. 

Goodpl operates a company-affiliated research institute to manufacture design, laser, cutting, bending, and welding as a one-stop system. From Aqualine G3 series to G8 series, it has established its own production process system for the best quality and reasonable price, and it is the greatest strength to constantly strive to realize customer satisfaction. 

Starting to export to China and Japan in 2015, and then exported to 30 countries including Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition, Goodpl established a factory in China to expand its foothold in the Chinese medical device market and started exporting to Russia in earnest. 

Goodpl’s CEO of Politics said, “We will continue to participate in exhibitions to examine the trends in the global medical market and to increase our credibility. 

He also added, “We will actively enter new markets including CIS countries, grow into a global medical device company, and spread our products to more customers.”

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