Golden Value Venture: Leading the Way in Flexible Cryptocurrency Mining Packages

Golden Value Venture, a company known for its ease of making deposits and withdrawals when mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on the cloud, has announced the launch of its latest mining farm in Alaska, US. The strategic location of the mining farm, with its long winter season and low temperatures, allows for cost-efficient electricity usage, making it a prime location for mining operations.

Golden Value Venture has more than 5 years of experience in ASIC and GPU mining, and has previously mined Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. In their peak mining operations, they were able to mine 100 BTC per month. However, after the famous China cryptocurrency ban in 2021, they were forced to move their mining farms to the US, Canada and Thailand.

The company offers a flexible range of cryptocurrency mining packages, making them suitable for any retail miner. Their entry barrier is very affordable, starting at just $30, allowing anyone to experience cloud mining. In addition, Golden Value Venture offers a 100% uptime guarantee to ensure its clients do not experience any downtime in their mining contracts. They also provide 24/7 customer service and have no extra maintenance fees.

Golden Value Venture has an ambitious roadmap, with plans to implement renewable energy sources in order to reduce its carbon footprint. They also have plans to list on NASDAQ through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) and to provide Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the future.

For more information on Golden Value Venture and its mining packages, visit its website at

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