Goesan Bee Land’s Innovative Children’s Playground Opens, Offering a Unique Blend of Fun and Education

December 18, 2023 – The Chungbuk Regional Headquarters of the Korea Rural Community Corporation, under the leadership of Director Shin Hong-seop, orchestrated a landmark bee farming event on November 5, 2023, at Bee Land in Goesan. This “Bees are Back” campaign, a forward-thinking venture to rejuvenate beekeeping farms, was graced by approximately 40 prominent figures, including National Assembly member Park Deok-heum, Chungcheongbuk-do Assemblyman Lee Tae-hoon, Goesan Deputy County Governor Ban Ju-hyeon, and Ban Hwa-byeong, the president of the Chungbuk branch of the Korean Beekeeping Association.

This inaugural regional-level event highlighted the critical role of beekeeping in the local economy. Key contributions included the planting of Hovenia trees, creating rest areas for bees, and donating 1,000 shares of wheat raw water. The donation and installation of beehives at Bee Land aim to boost bee farm productivity and alleviate the initial investment burdens of beekeeping, thereby enhancing income opportunities for local beekeepers.

A central feature of the event was the ‘Honey Donation Business Agreement Ceremony’ led by the Chungbuk Regional Headquarters. This ceremony represented a pledge to circulate the honey harvested from these beehives back into the local community, promoting shared responsibility and enhancing community welfare.

The event brought together four principal organizations: the Chungbuk Regional Headquarters of the Korea Rural Community Corporation, Goesan-gun, the Korea Beekeeping Association, and the Bee Land Cooperative. These entities are committed to working together to support the local community’s vulnerable members through the profits generated from the collectively harvested honey.

Director Shin Hong-seop expressed his gratitude for the support and attendance at the “Bees are Back” event. He emphasized a continuous commitment to the beekeeping industry’s growth and the establishment of a beneficial cycle of honey profits to aid the community’s vulnerable sectors. “The honey ‘Bees are Back’ campaign is an enduring endeavor, beyond just today’s event,” he affirmed, signifying a sustained commitment to constructive actions in this field.

The “Bees are Back” campaign at Goesan Bee Land is a pivotal movement towards reviving the beekeeping sector and strengthening community bonds. By integrating environmental initiatives with social and economic support, this campaign serves as a model for sustainable, community-centric agricultural and industrial practices.

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