Godspeed With Daniel LLC and Founder Daniel Krynzel Featured on Yeukai Business Show

Godspeed With Daniel LLC, a company founded by Daniel Krynzel, is excited to announce that Daniel was recently featured on Yeukai Business Show, the UK’s premier business show.

Daniel Krynzel is a successful entrepreneur and coach who has overcome adversity to achieve his dreams. In 2008, the real estate crash took everything from Daniel, including his home, cars, possessions, and custody of his children. He turned to drinking and hit rock bottom. But after getting sober, Daniel found his way back to success in the mortgage industry, where he had massive success. However, he felt unfulfilled and empty.

It was through daily “God walks” that Daniel found his true calling. He began receiving direct downloads and instructions from God on what to do next, and Godspeed With Daniel was born. Today, Daniel wakes up every morning and takes inspired action guided by God, pushing his own self-will aside and focusing on important actions guided by inspiration.

The Yeukai Business Show is dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs succeed through expert knowledge and insights from accomplished guests. Daniel’s appearance on the show is a testament to his success and the powerful impact that his faith has had on his life and business.The podcast episode can be found here – https://pod.co/yeukai-business-show/daniel-krynzel 

To learn more about Godspeed With Daniel LLC and its services, visit the website at https://www.godspeedwithdaniel.com/. To get featured on the Yeukai Business Show, kindly apply here – https://yeukaibusinessshow.com/guest-application-form.html

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