Gio’s English Launches New Mobile App To Extend Their Reach

Gio's English Launches New Mobile App To Extend Their Reach
Cambridge-based English teaching school, Gio’s English, announces the launch of their new app to help more students across the globe gain access to quality English learning courses

Gio’s English have reiterated their goal of helping as many people as possible in different parts of the world speak the English language appropriately with the recent launch of their mobile app. The Cambridge-based school is looking to expand their reach amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as the crisis has made it almost impossible for international students to come to Cambridge.

English remains one of the most dominating languages globally, with over 400 million native speakers and about 1.6 billion people worldwide who understand or speak the language. However, tons of people still struggle to speak English fluently, making it even more challenging to express themselves. Several available English learning solutions have been developed. However, most of them are not easily accessible, which is where Gio’s English aims to make a difference with the launch of their new app.

The new English teaching app puts Cambridge English School in the pockets of students, giving them access to advanced professional writing and advanced speaking courses as provided by Gio’s English. The school uses a very simple method to teach English and currently ranks as the first school in the world to teach grammar in visual form. The user-friendly courses are designed with the GPE method, with animations to remove the complexities associated with advanced English courses. Gio’s English speaking course offers 1000’s of real-life situations and uses new AI technology to get the students fluency, leveraging the JAM Method and Think in English to ensure students get a good grasp of the courses.

Gio’s English is the first English learning App from Cambridge and has already gone viral, with over 10,000 downloads during pre-launch. The school offers certificates to students after 70% completion of the courses, which are beneficial to all categories of students and organizations, especially with the inclusion of e-mail writing classes.

The Gio’s English App is currently available on Google Play for Android.

For more information about Gio’s English and the newly launched app, please visit – The Cambridge English School also has a relatively strong presence on Facebook with 1200 reviews, 1,00,000 followers, and a viral live video that has over 1.8 million views among Indian students.

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