Get the Most Unique Wedding Photos in Toronto from Mango Studios

Mango Studios is your go-to solution for wedding photography. With locations spanning the globe, Mango studios has provided photography solutions for over 14 years and still continues to be the most innovative photography studio in the world.

Unlike most other photography studios with larger staff and support workers constantly photo editing, Mango studios have held onto a smaller team and this is what makes it worthwhile because your projects will receiving utmost attention and priority. The small tight-knit team travels to assignments globally to deliver breathtaking photography and this elevates Mango studios from a small shop to an actual art studio.

At Mango studios every project is treated like an art project, with the first step being project planning whereby the photographers led by the founders, Mo and Nancy Govindji. Whereas Mo led the business front, Nancy was the visual artist and her keen attention to detail got the business to an early, successful start.

The secret to Mango Studio’s amazing success is the fact that Mo and Nancy have only sought the best artists, designers and photographers from Toronto and Miami. It is this talent pool that has consistently won the company global accolades in photography, making them the preferred photographers for celebrity and royal weddings across the globe.

Each member of Mango studios brings a wealth of knowledge and what makes the company stand out is the fact that knowledge is shared across the board. A great designer will teach others on their skills and with such constant training, our photographers go to the filed armed with design and photography skills. This not only leads to a highly trained photography team but it makes every project easier to plan and manage. So with Mango Studios, you get an all-rounded team and this not only reduces the number of people needed for a project, but also makes each project uniquely handled with a personalized touch.

Apart from wedding photography, Mango Studios has extended its talent pool to include other events which require a specialized and personalized touch. Mango Studios is now the preferred photography studio for corporate headshots, Bat Mitzvahs, and family portrait. Your senator’s unique campaign photo could probably be one of Mango studio’s personalized pieces.

With a firm culture of individuality and excellence, clients can expect priority services right from the moment they reach out to mango Studios through their email at or their website where you can read more testimonials and even contribute on their blog. Most clients find this route easier and better suited to addressing their core concerns. The Studio’s corporate offices and headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario along 9 Davies Avenue. The office is Unit 203. You can also call 416-366-4723, their official number for more information.

You can get to meet an event’s coordinator and your photography team once you have finalized your booking, where you can start discussions on what you expect from the event and outline the general theme.

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