Addiction Rehab Toronto Is Offering All-In-One Rehab Treatment

Not many rehab centers can boast of offering Medical Detox, In-Patient Treatment, Virtual Rehab, Sober Living, Family Therapy, And Lifetime Aftercare All In One Place. However at Addiction Rehab Toronto you can expect all these services plus much more and this provides clients with the assurance that whatever stage their addiction is, they can always trust in Addiction Rehab Toronto to handle their substance abuse treatment.

The first thing to consider when seeking treatment is whether the center you prefer is accredited. The good thing is that Addiction Rehab Toronto has been successfully accredited by the Accreditation Decision Committee for the Accreditation Qmentum Program. This accreditation is only given to healthcare facilities that possess the highest level of professionalism, commitment to patient safety and the highest ethical decision making processes.

Your loved ones deserve the highest level of care and Addiction Rehab Toronto you can expect the highest level of professionalism and healthcare even for the most difficult and stubborn cases. The center covers substance abuse, behavioral issues and offers 100% guarantee on recovery. This means that after a 45 day program, any chance of relapse s minimal and if it does happen then you will be eligible for free readmission.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is also one of the few facilities that practice a combination of Holistic and individualized approach to addiction treatment. This approach is ground breaking and is based on the need to treat the individual rather than the addiction. With an added emphasis on finding solutions rather than focusing on the past, our professionals have achieved the highest rates of recovery in the world.

Sometimes in-house treatment is not an option, and usually most addiction recovery centers have no solution around this. However, at Addiction Rehab Toronto, there is an avenue for treatment through intensive virtual treatment programs. The program is designed to keep the patient highly involved, and it achieves almost the same high rate of success as in-house treatment. The virtual treatment program offers client centered personalized care where you can continue with your work and family life without the hustle of full-time recovery treatment. There is no wait-list unlike in the in-house treatment option and therefore you can accelerate your treatment at the comfort of your own home or office.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is located at 4 Warrendale Court Etobicoke, or you can call their toll free number at 1 855-787-2424 where you will find ready and responsive customer care to take you through the programs and book you or your loved one for treatment. More information can be found on the website, or you can send an email to

As the only care facility offering lifetime aftercare services, Addiction Rehab Toronto, clients can expect that from the moment they walk in through the doors, or sign up for treatment, they will receive priority and individualized services from qualified professionals. Addiction treatment has never been as easier or as manageable than at Addiction Rehab Toronto.

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