Generalliabilityinsure: The Number One Stop Shop For Plumbing Insurance Coverage And Costs

Generalliabilityinsure: The Number One Stop Shop For Plumbing Insurance Coverage And Costs

NOV 6, 2020 – NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – General Liability Insurance, an insurance company that offers various insurance coverage policies for various small businesses including building contractors and plumbers.

Plumbing insurance is essential for every plumbing contractor, especially if anyone wants to avoid the messy costs of lawsuits or liability claims. General Liability Insurance provides plumbing insurance coverage at low costs ensuring everyone’s business is adequately covered at little costs to their business.

So if anyone is a septic tiler, pipe fitter, plumber or even a general contractor that offer pluming services to other professionals or businesses, then it is risky to work without adequate insurance cover. Plumbing work involves but is not limited to installation, servicing and repairs of pipes, fittings and connecting fixtures to water mains, sprinklers, well or even gas.

Life’s uncertainties can occur anytime in the form of accident, emergencies or unforeseen circumstances and this can occur anytime, even while someone is working or their way to work. With as little as $27.00 per month, anyone can get insurance against claims and lawsuits for plumbing services.

Why plumbing insurance

Plumbing insurance is very important and it provides protection and coverage for losses against thing that a plumbing company workman may expect and also may not expect and General Liability Insurance stands out as the best and number one plumbing insurance coverage providers.

The first question that may come to anyone’s mind will be how much plumbing insurance will costthem?Well depending on their location, payroll, staff size, business turnover and years of experience.

Another question is “Why do I need plumbing insurance?” In some states, it is compulsory to have such insurance coverage before the plumbing business owner is allowed to operate. Also, as a general contractor one need to purchase pluming insurance before theybe as a hire plumbers or get a plumbing jobs.

It is also common for prospective clients or property owners to inquire about the business plumbing insurance cover before hiring them. So having a cover also means enhancingthe plumbing business.

What does the plumber’s liability policy cover?

The offer Plumbing Insurance policies that cover:

  • Damages caused a company or the company’s employees when working on a project. This includes work delays, leaking water lines, building material damage among others.
  • Pipe damage to existing pipes.
  • Gas explosions due to work and many more to name a few.

So, as a perceptive business owner one will need the right plumbing insurance to cover all the bases and General Liability Insurance is the right place to get this.

Plumbers’ Risks and Exposures

As plumbers, they are some inherent risks tothe business whileperforming the job. Staffsor any other unknowing victims are exposedto some dangers during the course of offering this services. Some of the risks and exposures are:

  • Off-Premises Exposures: These are often extensive, detailed plumbing work covers a lot of ground and can lead to large-scale property damage. Put up signs allowing people k now that pluming work is ongoing to prevent trips over exposed cables or pipes.
  • Completed Operations Liability: when plumbings or pipes are not properly installed, exposures can occur when leaks or water damage happen. In addition, bacteria from a leaking sewage can cause severe illness or property damage.
  • Workers Compensation Exposures: this varies based on the type and size of the job on offer, mishandling cutting tools can cause, cuts, bruises or in worse cases amputations. There is also a likely hood of back injuries and hernias.

All these risks and exposures point to one fact that there is need an adequate insurance cover. Anyone can easily get this covers by contacting Ethan Andrew on 212 235-2003 or send an e-mail to to get a free quote.

One of the main qualities of is that: clients come first.Trying to protect businesses from the risks they are exposed to everyday is the primary goal of and they have the best customer care representatives anyone could ever ask for.

About GeneralLiabilityInsurance

General Liability Insurance is a commercial insurance agency accredited in almost all the states in the United States including the State of New York. General Liability Insurance provides small business owners, general contractors and sole proprietors with the commercial and private insurance they require.

Their New York office is located at 99 Wall St New York, NY 10005.

For more information about General Liability Insurance and the services they offer, please visit their website on and get a free quote, anyone can also send them a mail at

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