Gas Spring Installation Problems And Solutions

There are many problems when installing the gas spring.

There are many problems when installing the gas spring. For example, people can use a coil spring in the pocket of the same core to ensure the integrity of the bottom. The depth of the pocket should also be limited. The angle is maintained at 30 degrees and the length is controlled at 2 About 3 mm, in which the pressure pad should be in full contact with the gas spring, the installation should also consider the style of the whole thread. If the pocket is too shallow, his core may be deeper. Before installing, some people can consider testing first to see if they can meet the space needs.

When the gas spring is installed, the piston rod must be installed in the downward position and must not be flipped. This reduces friction and ensures better damping quality and cushioning performance. The good or bad installation of the fulcrum will directly determine whether the gas spring can work normally. When the fulcrum is closed, let it move to the vicinity of the center line, so that the door can be automatically pushed away. Gas springs should not be subjected to tilting or lateral forces during operation and should not be used as handrails. This long time will cause the structure of the gas spring to change.

In order to ensure the reliability of the seal, the gas spring must not damage the surface of the piston rod. It is strictly forbidden to apply paint and chemicals on the piston rod, and the gas spring should not be pre-installed at the desired position, such as welding, grinding, painting, etc. Processing, this will affect the service life of the gas spring. In the process of work, it must ensure that the appearance of the equipment is clean and tidy. When the gas spring works, it will generate a component force into the chamber, which can ensure better damping effect and buffer function.

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