A Brief Introduction Of The Quality Standard Of Gas Spring

There is a brief introduction of the quality standard of gas spring.

The gas spring is a kind of liftable spring that can save labor. It can be divided into lockable gas springs (such as the bottom lift of the seat, the backrest of the boss chair, etc.), and the lift gas spring (such as the lift of the car tail box and the closet door support). The structure of the gas spring is mainly composed of a sleeve, a piston and a piston rod. High-pressure air or high-pressure nitrogen is added into the sleeve. The pressure difference is generated due to the unevenness of the two ends of the piston, and the piston and the piston rod are moved and supported. Or heavy objects.

The quality of the gas spring is not easy to judge. The layman can’t find the problem at all. Some professionals in the industry can’t guarantee the stability. The gas spring is a gas-tight product. If people only look at the surface, they can hardly see any problems. Generally, people can find the problem within three months. The time for good products will not be problematic, but the quality will not be problematic. However, the off is not the same, and there will often be air leaks, and when the oil leaks seriously, it will burst and may cause unnecessary accidents.

Judging the quality of a gas spring is mainly considered from the following aspects: First, its sealing property, if the sealing is not good, oil leakage and gas leakage will occur during use; secondly, accuracy, such as 500N is required. Gas spring, some manufacturers produce a force error of no more than 2N, some manufacturers’ products may be far from the actual need of 500N; again is the service life, its service life is calculated by the number of times it can fully expand; the last is The force value in the stroke changes, and the ideal gas spring should maintain the same force value throughout the stroke. However, due to design and processing factors, the force value of the gas spring in the stroke inevitably changes. The magnitude of the change is an important criterion for measuring the quality of a gas spring. The smaller the magnitude of the change, the better the quality of the gas spring, and vice versa.

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