Gartner Picks LogistiVIEW in Mobile and Wireless Technology

Gartner Picks LogistiVIEW in Mobile and Wireless Technology

LogistiVIEW, an enterprise productivity platform for frontline workers using Augmented Reality (AR) and smart glasses, was chosen by Gartner as “Cool Vendor in Mobile and Wireless.” The profile can be seen in Mobility Management Solutions Review at,

LogistiVIEW’s Connected Worker Platform, built on VIEW (Visual Input Enabled Wearable) technology, combines AR, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Computer Vision on smart glasses to transform complex data for workers to make better, more informed decisions across tasks.

LogistiVIEW technology improves workforce productivity and job satisfaction by making processes hands free and eyes focused – guiding workers with simple, highly-intuitive instructions. With visual-based cues that deliver only what is critical for that task, along with simultaneous voice instructions, LogistiVIEW simplifies the worker’s decision-making process to reduce errors, increase accuracy, and enable rapid training.

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About LogistiVIEW 

LogistiVIEW, headquartered in North Carolina, is pioneering enterprise Augmented Reality solutions that solve real-world business problems. LogistiVIEW’s Connected Worker Platform is an enterprise productivity toolset for the frontline worker. The patent-pending platform connects advanced technologies with the most critical resource that industry can harness: the power of human intelligence within the workforce. 

Combining Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and computer vision, the LogistiVIEW software transforms complex data into actionable insights for workers to make better, more informed decisions. The platform grants access to endless sources of data – while serving up only the most critical information in an intuitive and highly visual way. With its award-winning technology in active deployments today, the Connected Worker Platform enables a new collaboration between worker and technology across Industry 4.0.

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