Bob Jack makes a comeback in the limelight with a riveting piece – Discovering Your Boundaries.

Bob Jack makes a comeback in the limelight with a riveting piece - Discovering Your Boundaries.

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This book is about the personal paradigms in our lives – the powerful underlying concepts & perceptions that shape our future life and how these mold our attitudes toward commitment. The book holds out the promise that these paradigms can be adjusted by personal experiences and work on oneself, including self-examination and the help of outsiders. Finally the most important behavior that the book encourages everyone to learn is to live within themselves by discovering their personal boundaries.

Author Bob Jack is an established author who has definitely made a stroke in the literary scene through his well-researched writings. He obtained his BA degree in Economics at the California State University in Los Angeles. He also acquired an MBA degree in Strategic Management from the Azuza Pacific University, and obtained his master’s degree in Advanced Management from Claremont Graduate University. He makes a comeback in the limelight with a riveting piece – Discovering Your Boundaries.

Life – when it fails you; when everything flops and every hurdle and struggle seem to be stronger than what a person can handle, you can say this is the true test of your existence. Let your steadfast faith, your self-commitment and life experiences become your stronghold and get back up – break away from the derailed path. Although setting your boundaries is accompanied with realistic strategy in achieving your goals and seeking contentment rely on how you perceive them and how you impose self-discipline. Your urge to obtaining absolute contentment should be your drive throughout the journey. Bob Jack’s piece will guide you – this is your gateway to discovering your boundaries. This is you living within yourself and for your purpose.

The knowledge that Jack acquired throughout his 40 amazing years of executive experience including leadership and management helped him in creating this riveting piece. Prior to attaining such success, he pointed out that the earlier years of his life were all pivotal and substantial – success was not handed clean. It took life coaches and professionals to help the author better understand his boundaries without having to compromise success, financial stability and most importantly, keeping a healthy relationship. You can only imagine how tight he was in achieving his goals and how precise he is in maintaining consistency in every aspect of his life. Clearly, Jack poured his heart to his book. He created it with love and pure dedication. This is a must-read guide for everyone!

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