Fulfilled By Amazon Needs Met For Cross-Border Selling

With the number of people staying at home over the past year or so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of online shopping and the needs of businesses for their goods to be shipped across the country as well as across borders swiftly and efficiently has skyrocketed.

Amazon has been one of the key beneficiaries of this global rise in online shopping, and with this has come a need for businesses involved in FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) to step up their game and produce the goods for their customers.

Moving goods between the United States and Canada has been seen as prohibitively costly and time-consuming for many businesses, eating into their potential profits and dissuading many United States-based businesses from selling their goods in Canada.

However, one such business, RoadLINX, a Toronto-based business, are experts in Amazon FBA shipping and have been announcing their available options for cross-border markets.

“Fulfilment by Amazon”, a spokesman for RoadLINX declared, “is a highly effective way for local businesses to tap into cross-border markets, selling their products in areas and regions that previously may have been too difficult or prohibitive.”

“The experience and skills of RoadLINX, married with the global cachet of Amazon and the products of our customers, mean that businesses who were previously limited to only selling their goods within the United States can now easily open up their potential customer base to the whole of Canada and increase their sales without huge capital outlay or opening up a specialist warehouse or sales office.”

RoadLINX can take charge of getting your goods from your warehouse or factory in the United States to an Amazon Fulfilment Center, and then Amazon can ship your goods from their warehouse to your new customers, whilst also fulfilling your customer service requirements and dealing with payments.”

“As part of our service we can deal with the necessary documentation involved whilst also reducing the costs of courier and transport services in delivery, to any of the five Amazon Fulfilment Centers in Canada. This frees up customers to focus on their products rather than the unwieldy paperwork of cross-border transfer and selling, allowing our specialists and sales team to focus on making sure that your products get where they are required.”

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX are a Toronto-based trucking and shipping company that specialize in not only cross border shipping between Canada and the United States, but also provide a range of services for U.S. & Canadian clients that truly makes them logistics experts. Offering a wide range of LTL (Less Than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) services from dry vans to flatbed trailers enables RoadLINX to meet a wide range of transportation needs for their clients.

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